Company Letterheads Formats

What is a letterhead?

Letterheads are pre-printed at the top of the letter; a sort of heading; contains logo, business name, and contact information. Letterheaded papers are a sign of formality and sophistication that is why corporations and enterprises have letterheaded writing pads. They are used for invoicing, meeting minutes, tenders and legal notices especially inter-department announcements. Nowadays people use letterheads for personal usage as well.

What is a company letterhead?

Company letterheads are similar to regular letterheads, it has a company logo, company name, and contact details. Sometimes companies also add a catchy slogan or motto words with their logo in letterheads. They are utilized for official businesses especially communication between two companies. Often some companies print the address on the lower section of the letterhead paper. The Most common example is Pharmaceutical companies’ writing pads.

Why letterheads are used in businesses?

Letterheads exhibits seriousness and professionalism, it convinces investors why to invest in a specific brand. They are used for brand representation and are brand identity; just as important as the brand itself. Businesses also use them as a marketing strategy. Professionally designed letterheads give a good impression to potential customers and investors- display credibility and stability. Letterheads vary from company to company, a well-designed letterhead makes a company stand out.

Letterhead as an advertising tool

Company Letterheads are effective advertising tool, whenever a company corresponds with other entities or individuals they see company logo, company name and contact information allowing them to further look into the company’s official website.

When a company invests in letterheads unknowingly in a smart way they are doing free marketing, wherever the letter will go the exposure of the company will increase so as the potential of acquiring clientele.


Official letterheads

Official letterhead is just like company letterhead, it should have organization/institution name, well-crafted logo and contact details. They serve the same purpose of correspondence, legal statements, notifications, etc.

Kinds of Letterheads

Letterheads are categorized into 4 kinds

  • Standard
  • Specialized
  • Custom
  • Executive

Standard Letterhead:

It is usually used by an enterprise or corporation for administrative purposes; the general audience is targeted to deliver widespread information. Such letterheads are found on invoices and notifications. These letterheads generally have company name and address.

Specialized Letterheads:

Much like standardized letterheads; these are issued by departments of a company or firm such as the accounting department. A target audience is also a specific group of employees of such organization; for example, the accounting department issuing notification for auditors of a company. Such letterheads will have the company name, address, logo, and specialty department (issuing department).

Custom Letterhead:

Like its name custom letterheads are customized and are issued from one person; the document is concise and précised. They are most commonly used in internal communications of an entity for example memos. They can also be issued for external communication especially in case of outsourcing – letters are sent to independent service providers. Custom letterheads have company name, logo, specific area and sender’s name.

Executive Letterhead:

Executive letterhead is intended for upper management, like custom letterhead it is also issued from one person usually from executive management to one person (from middle management). These letterheads are found in termination letters and offer letters. These letterheads have highlighted name and job title of the sender along with logo and company name.

Various letterhead formats

Generally letterheads have 3 Formats  

  • Printed on the top-left corner
  • Printed on the top-right corner
  • Printed on the top middle section
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