Character Certificates

A character certificate is an official document that denotes and verifies the good character and conduct of a person. This document certifies the behavior and conduct of a candidate during a period spent in an institute, organization, or even country.  It is often required as a prerequisite by different organizations, such as universities, companies, financial institutions, governments, embassies, etc.

Formats of the certificate

A character certificate can be designed in programs such as Microsoft Word, or the existing templates in such programs can be used as well. Although the format of a character certificate is almost the same for all types, the reason behind it may vary. The general format includes:

  • Date
  • Name of the candidate
  • Time-period
  • Name of the issuer
  • Signature of the issuer
  • Verification statement about the good moral character of the candidate

Types of character certificate

There are various types of character certificates. The common types are:

  • Character certificate for employees: the employer might seek a certificate from the employee to ensure his character at his last job. This serves as proof to the employer that the employee has not been involved in any immoral or illegal acts.
  • Character certificate for students: while applying for higher education, the university or college may ask the student to provide a certificate that verifies his character issued by his school. This certificate is evidence that the student showed good character during his time at the school or college.
  • Character certificate for immigration or visa purposes: embassies may require the applicant to present a character certificate to ensure that they are not giving visas or residencies to criminals.
  • Police character certificate: this is a certificate issued by the police and is often required if you are applying for a scholarship or immigration.

A character certificate can be issued by a character reference such as school or college principals, local councilors, gazetted officers, reputable or authorized persons, employers, etc. One character certificate can be used for various organizations. For instance, an employee can use the same certificate while applying to various organizations. However, usually, the validity of the character certificate is one year, and after that, you need to get a new one.

Character Certificate Statement for an Employee



To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Smith Watson has worked as a [TEXT] for our company ‘The Well Day’ from January 12th, 20XX to March 16th 20XX. We found him a person of good moral character. His conduct throughout his tenure was exceptional.

His job with us entailed frequent interactions with other employees, and no one has ever made a complaint against him. The employees who know him personally have always confirmed his reserved and disciplined approach toward his work.

We feel happy and proud to verify his good character, and to the best of our knowledge, he has never been involved in any legal cases.

We wish him the best of luck!




Character certificate for an employee

Character Certificate Statement for a Student

This is to certify that the ‘Name of student’, son or daughter father, mother, or guardian of ‘Name of Parents or Guardian’ has been attending ‘Institute Name’ for the past ‘Number’ years. ‘Name of Students’ was found to have followed every code of conduct during his time at our institute.

S/he has never been involved in any misconduct with either the institute’s staff or among their peers. His/her peers have confirmed the great discipline and working drive with which ‘Name of Student’ has attended ‘Institute Name’.

Without a doubt, we can verify the disciplined character of the ‘Name of Student’. According to the best of our institutes’ knowledge, s/he has never been involved in any unlawful and illegal acts.

We wish him the best of luck!


Character Certificate for a Student

Police Character Certificate Statement

This certifies that the ‘Name of concerned person’, Son/daughter of ‘Name of Parents/Guardian’ was born on ‘Date of Birth’, in ‘City, Country’. S/he has been confirmed to be a resident of ‘City, Country’ and has received their education from ‘Name of local institute’ in ‘Dates of attendance’.

We verify that the ‘Name of concerned person’ is the citizen of ‘Name of City, Country’ and has never been involved in any legal cases, according to the legal code of conduct of ‘Name of the country’.


Police character certificate

Character Certificate Statement for Immigration or Visa Purposes

I ‘Name of Writer’, with great pleasure, am providing this letter on behalf of my good friend and colleague ‘Name of Concerned Person’ who has applied for a ‘Type of visa’ visa for the ‘Name of Country visa applied for’, from ‘Name of the current country’.

I am a ‘Citizenship’ who has been working as a ‘Profession’, at ‘Name of Institute’. I first met ‘Name of Concerned Person’ and have been working with him/her for the past ‘Number’ of years. I can, without doubt, verify that s/he has never been involved in any illegal or unlawful act.

In fact, ‘Name of Concerned Person’ is known around the institute and among friends to have a pleasant and well-disciplined character with a strong belief and excellent work ethic. S/he is a very knowledgeable and wise friend, co-worker, and companion, one can depend on.

Furthermore, s/he has always taken a keen interest in the welfare and betterment of the people around us. Due to his/her generosity and polite behavior, s/he has become a very prominent figure among our peers.

‘Name of Concerned Person’ deserves to become a citizen as s/he is already such a valued member of the community s/he currently resides in. I recommend that his/her application be looked at very seriously. If you have any further queries, please contact me by email [EMAIL] or on my personal cell number [NUM].


Character certificate for immigration or visa purpose