Application to Work as a Mobile App Developer

An application to work as a mobile app developer from home is written to retailers, software houses, tech houses, clinical sectors, health care spheres, travel or tourism industries, or other tech industries where the vacancy is available.

A mobile app developer is the one who designs and develops the growth and working of mobile apps of a specific kind. A mobile app developer translates coding and develops the program to keep the functionality of the app in pace and keep growing. A mobile app developer develops the designs and functions of the app by API (Application Programming Interface) to support the design, interface, functionality, and coding of the application.  Mobile app developers test the functionality of the apps after designing, release, and support.

The minimum qualification required for such a job is usually a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information technology. The bigger and well-reputed firms or tech companies demand a working experience of three to four years in this field.

Following skills are required for the job of an app developer:

  • Develop new concepts to develop the apps
  • Ensure the quality of the functionality
  • Quick fixing of the performance problem or other laps
  • Generating optimized codes
  • Capable to design, test, release and support the apps
  • Generating excellent interface
  • Excellent knowledge of the app development and extension of the concepts
  • Proficiency in testing and designing codes
  • Optimize problems solving by troubleshooting
  • In-depth knowledge of programming languages like SWIFT or Java
  • Working in a challenging environment
  • Capable of doing excellent in teamwork

While writing an application for the job of a mobile app developer, one needs to mention and jot down the relevant skills along with educational qualification, relevant diplomas or short courses, and working experience. Ensure the hiring agency with the quality of work you can produce if given an opportunity. Ensure the quality of work from home as well considering the arduousness of the job.

Following is a sample application of that kind:

Sample Application

Re. Application for the Job of Mobile App Developer

Dear Salvatore,

I am Stephen Kerley from Brooklyn, New York. I am writing this application to you in the recognition of the advertisement for the vacant position announced on the Herald Magazine, New York in volume XIX of April 20XX. To fulfill the vacant position, I present myself for the job.

I did my bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from The University of Chris Nicholas, New York City, USA. After doing my bachelor’s, I got a job in the SELMON Arab Industry of Tech in The Bronx, New York. Meanwhile, I started a training program as an Advance Mobile Training Program at Stifel Institute of Computer and Programming. There I learned about OOP design principles. I also learned to interpret technical plans. Further, I also learned to synchronize my working developing my analytical skills and a good quick problem-solving attitude.

I developed strong written and verbal communication skills. I also integrated my attitude in working under pressure with strict deadlines and experiencing more in APIs and OOP design principles. I also worked hard on learning Swift and fortunately, I have a grip on that now.

I present myself with a profound history of working in this field with dedication and enthusiasm. Due to the prevailing situation of Covid-19, I prefer the jobs that complement the work from home. I will be grateful to you if I get an opportunity to interact with this industry. I have enclosed a file of the required documents with the application. For further queries, I can be contacted at [Email] or [X].



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