Application for Working as a Sales Representative from Home

An application for working as a sales representative from home is written to the hiring agency of any marketing company, organization, utility or grocery stores, shopping marts, or any other business dealing product services. A sales representative is the person working between the business organizations and customers. Sometimes these customers may be the contractors of the company where the company is selling its products specifically to another agent or company. Moreover, sales representative, being customer care, deal with the customers regarding the products or services provided.

A sales representative ensures the quality of available products and the right selling. He/she also works to deal with customer problems related to the product or directing them the right way to the right product.

A sales representative keeps a record of the obtained orders and take new orders to meet the scheduled target audience. He maintains the content of sale presentation by using the knowledge of the product which means he should have sound background knowledge. He also informs the company about the new market trends and the gathering competition through proper monitoring. In a store or other places like that, the sales representative invigilates the products’ display and presentation by making frequent visits and correcting them.

Qualification required for a sales representative is graduation or masters in Marketing Management, Business Administration, or Advertisement Management. A sales representative should possess strong skills in market management by creating links and maintain good relationships between management and the company.

While writing an application, also inform the hiring agency about the skills required for the job. After writing the requisites of the job, jump onto the interpersonal skills needed for a job like that. Show your will and strength through substantial use of strong adjectives. Assure the company of your dedication to the work.

Following is a sample application for such kind and can be used to apply for the job of a sales representative.

Sample Application

Re. Application to Work as a Sales Representative

Dear Noah,

I am Sherry Rickards hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. I am writing this to you to present myself for the vacancy for the position of Sales Representative in your company. With reference to the notification of the vacancy for the said position posted in the Herald Newspaper on 20th April 20XX, I am here to tell you about myself.

I did my master’s in marketing management from the University of East London, England in 20XX. After completing my masters, I worked in Tesco for one year as a sales manager and then I moved back to my hometown in Kentucky. In Kentucky, I worked with the Swiss Group of Companies as a Sales Representative for two years from February 20XX to March 20XX.

Here I administered the selling section of the company and operated the management related to sales quality, enhancement, customer complaints, maintaining weekly reports, generating new ideas keeping in view the market trends. I also helped the Swiss group to enhance its working on customer engagement through contracts and coordination.

Due to the terrible outbreak of the novel coronavirus, I am interested in the jobs which are home-based.

I believe in my qualities of customer care, prospecting, and presentation skills. I have also attended a Verbal Communication Training Program which has helped me in making my communication skills better and advanced. I feel productive working under pressure and full of challenges and that is why I realize that I can prove and practice my skills and knowledge if I get an opportunity to work in your company. I am looking forward to your kind response.




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