Apology Messages for Delay in Project Completion


I hope that you find this message in good health. I am Mathew Arnold and writing this message to ask apology for being late than the given deadline regarding the project’s completion. It all happened due to an emergency that happened in our department and some important research documents and presentations got destroyed. My work was related to that documents and it made me unable to submit the project in the given time. I really seek an apology from you for being late and ask for your clemency in the matter. I assure you that it will not happen again in the future.


This message is to seek an apology from you regarding the late submission of the thesis project. I was given the deadline to submit it by 12th January but due to some health issues, I could not make it possible to make it ready in the stipulated time. I know that this thing has created a disturbance in time schedule.

Therefore, I request you to provide me an extension for seven days so may I complete it and cover-up mistakes that are already in it. I am recovering now gradually and I assure you that on the second chance there would be no delay in submitting the project. But for this time kindly consider my apology. I will be highly grateful to you for this.


Hope that you have been doing well. Kindly accept the attached project report that was to be submitted on 2nd August. I heartedly seek an apology for being late regarding submitting it. I was almost done with all the work before time but the eleventh-hour I was notified by your assistant to make a synopsis of it too. It all required more time therefore for this reason I could not submit it on time.

I was of the view that you are aware of this because you were also a member of the panel. Anyhow, I sincerely apologize for informing you late. This might have caused a lot of explanation to you to the customer but I promise that in the future I will never repeat this act. I will inform you well before time if such a situation occurs again.


Kindly accept my apology regarding the late submission of the project that was intended to be submitted by the 30th. I was all ready to submit it till the given date but I caught in an emergency and for this reason, it was impossible for me to submit it timely. I had to take my daughter to the hospital that fell off from stairs. I assure you that in the future I will inform you before time if the same situation happens. Kindly consider my apology for exhibiting tardiness.  


I humbly apologize to you for submitting the research project after the given deadline. I had to submit it till 3rd August but three days before submission my father got seriously ill and, in the emergency, I took him to the hospital. I could not focus on the project due to this. I should have informed you this before time but in a hurry, I forgot to tell you. I seek your forgiveness for showing tardiness. I hope that you will consider my situation. I am working day and night now to accomplish the project and it will take three more days.


I am writing this message to ask for a sincere apology for exhibiting tardiness regarding project submission. Unfortunately, I met with some unfavorable circumstances and I could not concentrate at my full on the project. The same will never happen again and I am trying my best now to complete it in next two working days. It will not get delayed this time, kindly accept my apology.

Apology Message for Delay in Project Completion