Unsuccessful Tender Letter for Construction

If you are in the construction industry, you will probably be in contact with tenders who provide you with different items. You will be requesting bids or quotations from different construction tenders or companies. You will accept the tenders who submit proposals that benefit your business and reject those that do not. It is important to let the tender know that their bid was unsuccessful and tell the reasons for this.

You will probably want to work with the tender later therefore reject them politely. Writing a letter is a polite way that you can do this. The bidder will have taken the time to create a response to your request for the quote, therefore you need to let them know that you value their time and effort.

Writing in mistakes will make it look unprofessional and like you do not care about reposting politely to the tender. You need to write an unsuccessful tender letter for construction in a way that the tender knows you are aware of the effort and time they have put into submitting the quote.

You need to give solid reasons for why you have not considered their proposal and why you have chosen that of another bidder. This will let the bidder know what to do in the future.

Unsuccessful tender letter for construction

It is a letter that the manager or boss of a construction company writes to a tender letting them know that their bid or proposal was unsuccessful. The letter will let the reader know why it has been unsuccessful.

Write a successful letter

If you need to write a successful tender letter for construction, you should let the tender know that their effort is appreciated and that you hope to work with them in the future. The following points can be kept in mind when writing the letter:

Format of the letter:

The letter should have a professional tone and even structure. You can use the company letterhead to write it on. Include the date on it. You should tell the name of the bidding company and its address as well. You can address them with something like “Dear” and their name.

Express your thanks:

You need to thank the tender for submitting a bid. To let them know which one you are talking about, state the construction project name and date. If you have more than one project occurring, one company may have submitted many bids. They should know which project you are talking about.

Reasons why you are rejecting it:

You must reject the bid and tell me why you are doing this. The contractor must know why their bid was unsuccessful.


End the letter in a formal way and express your hope that the tender will submit bids in the future with you as well.


Subject: Rejection to tender for construction project

We would like to thank you for your interest in giving a quote for our construction project (state name of the project) to our company.

We are aware that you put much effort and time into preparing the bid, but we regret to tell you that we have awarded it to another construction firm. The reasons for this are (tell the reasons for rejecting the bid).

Thank you for the time that you have taken, and we hope that you will continue bidding for any future projects with us.


Subject: Unsuccessful tender bid for construction

Thank you for the time you took in presenting your proposal for the (name of the project) on (date of the project). Four construction companies presented a proposal, and we only selected one.

After much discussion, we regret to tell you that your bid was unsuccessful for the following reasons:

(Tell reasons why it was not a success).

We hope that you will not stop bidding for future contracts.