Secret Santa Questionnaire

Secret Santa is a fun game that you can plan around. During Christmas holidays, everyone tries to spread Christmas cheers. The Secret Santa game is not a competitive game. The sole purpose of this game is to bring excitement and cheerfulness among people. Playing this game is very simple. All you need to do is participate in the game by entering your name in the list of participants.

Every participant of the game draws a name and the person who appears in the draw becomes the recipient of the gift. In this game, a group of people participating in the game requires anonymously gift a person. Just like the Secret Santa game, filling out the Secret Santa Questionnaire form is also a tradition.

What is the Christmas secret Santa Questionnaire?

It is a form filled by the people to give hints and clues about the gift they want to receive anonymously on this Christmas. This form is not a complicated piece of document. All you need to do is write down your name on the top and answer some very basic and simple questions being asked in the questionnaire form. The questions which are asked in this form are usually based on the likes of the person, hobbies and a lot more

There are many terms and conditions associated with the secret Santa game when it comes to filling the questionnaire form. This first thing to be kept in mind is that one should never demand the gift which is too expensive. The secret Santa game which is played in schools is not associated with any type of terms and conditions. It only asks the students about whether or not they want to participate in the game.

What is the purpose of using the questionnaire?

The use of questionnaire form in any organization enables the participants of the game let others know about their likes and dislikes. He also tells what he wants to receive as a gift on the event on Christmas. The answers to every person vary greatly, and this is what makes the game more interesting and fun.

There is no specific group of people or community that is eligible to play this game. Secret Santa game is generic, and it invites everyone to come and participate in the gift exchange game.


Christmas secret Santa questionnaire is a simple document which is prepared in MS Excel worksheet format. You can easily download this printable sheet that contains a series of questions to be asked at the time of form filling.

You can get the template from different websites. Some of them offer the questionnaire form free of cost while some charge a little amount. No matter what your choice regarding the form is, all the templates are downloadable and printable.  

The secret Santa game is played in different organizations since the gift exchange game increases the harmony among the staff of the company. The rules and regulations of the game may vary from company to company.

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