Payment Voucher Template

A payment voucher plays the part as the receipt when a transaction takes place between two parties. Or it can be utilized as an alternative to cash in recording the transaction. Or simply we can say that it is proof of the transaction that occurred in any business institute.

What is a payment voucher?

A payment voucher is a document that includes the details regarding the conducted transaction, the total amount of transactions, the name of the company, and a lot more. This document is very useful for those individuals who want to keep track of transactions that they have performed.

If you are running a business, you must be aware of the importance of the payment voucher. When you want to protect yourself from any legal dispute occurring between you and your customers, you can use the payment voucher as evidence.

A payment voucher in some cases also plays the role of payment receipt. This document also serves as proof that the transaction between the seller and the buyer has successfully been conducted.

In daily life, we come across different kinds of vouchers. Fee vouchers, Bills, purchase receipts, in short, some of the vouchers we know are the primary and some are secondary or collateral vouchers.

Payment vouchers have generally three identical documents. From which one is kept by the party who is paying the sum of money.

If the payment voucher is to be created and printed one must not worry much about it. As we have the tools to erect this document according to our choices.

Facilities such as internet and software applications (i.e. WORD, EXCEL) help us to create the voucher. The Internet is full of websites which help in designing the templates and document to direct us to the right format we need. If someone wants to personalize the document s/he can create it with tools such as Microsoft word and excel.

Payment Voucher requires only some general headings which can be the name of the institution, location and of the depository institution, sum of money, arrears, the signature of the collector, and depositor.

Preview and details of templates

Payment Voucher Template

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payment voucher template

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What are the benefits of a payment voucher?

One can avail the following benefits by using the payment voucher:

  1. The payment voucher is a great tool to be used in record keeping. The organizations that want to keep track of the transactions taken place between buyer and seller use the payment voucher.
  2. The payment also enables an organization to know whether the other party has approved the transaction to be conducted or not.
  3. The payment voucher also acts as a receipt in which the total amount that has been paid, date of payment, services that have been availed

What is a payment voucher template?

A payment voucher template is such a document that provides a fully formatted payment voucher that can be used by anyone instantly. The template is very useful since it enables the user of any knowledge level to create the payment voucher according to his own needs after customization.

The information needed to be included in the payment voucher is different for every business. Therefore, everyone is given the access to the customization feature of the template.

The template is multipurpose which means you can also use it as a receipt. The user can download the template free of cost. It is best for the people who want to save their time by avoiding making the payment voucher from scratch.