Payment Assistance Offer Letter to Customer for an Overdue Bill

One of the hardest things a business has to deal with is late payment. A business is helpless if the customer says that he is unable to pay. At times, the business owner gets angry and this ruins the situation ending up in losing the customer. For a business, the top priority is to satisfy the customer with its services. However, the client often does not pay on time even though he is satisfied with the business services.

Some customers give the reason for lost payment that they lost the bill and some say that they cannot afford to pay late charges along with the actual bill. When this happens, the business tries to offer help to the customer to make it easy for him to clear all the payments.

What is an assistance offer letter?

A company should always be able to provide its services to its customers. If the customer is facing difficulty in clearing the payment, the company can think of providing its assistance. For this purpose, the company can reach out to the customers via letter or email offering its help.

What is the benefit of writing the assistance offer letter for an overdue bill?

There are plenty of benefits that a company can render by writing an assistance offer letter. Let us discuss a few of them in detail:

  1. When a business offers its help, it shows that it cares for its customers. Customers like to deal with such a business in the future also.
  2. Late payments or overdue bills on the side of the customer create lots of problems for the business also. So, when it offers assistance to the customer, it tries to enable the customer to clear the bill payment.
  3. When customers find out that the business helps them in clearing the payment, they are likely to get the services from the same business again. If a business can get the payment from the customer in an efficacious way by offering its help, there will never be the pending money.

How to write?

Give the background of the purchase:

The customer must have purchased something from you and now is not able to pay the amount. You must mention that purchase to remind the customer as to which purchase you are referring to.

Tell the situation:

You should explain everything in detail. For example, tell the customer how much the payment is late, how much amount is pending, what efforts the business has put to get paid, and much more.

Offer your help:

In this part of the letter, you should offer your help to the customer. For example, if the customer is not able to pay the amount, you can break down the entire payment sum into small installments that the customer can easily pay.

Provide your contact details:

At the end of the letter, provide your contact details so the customer can contact you if he finds your assistance offer to be feasible for him. Tell the customer that you are looking forward to his kind response.

Sample letter:



Name of the customer:
Address of the customer:


Respected sir,

We are writing this letter to inform you that your payment of $1000 for four steel motors you purchased from us has been overdue for more than one month now.

We sent you so many notifications and reminders to ensure that you don’t forget to make payment on time. However, there was no response from your side. We want to let you know that you are a very valuable customer of our company and we want to keep serving you diligently. Therefore, we are ready to provide you the assistance.

If you are not able to pay the overdue bill, you can contact us for a new installment plan. We would love to provide you with our assistance so that it can be easy for you to pay us the overdue money. You can contact us for any kind of query on our official contact numbers.


Respectfully yours,

Signatures of the business representative.


Offer Assistance to a Customer having Difficulty Paying an Overdue Bill

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