Job Agreement Renewal Letter

Agreement renewal letter is to acknowledge the legal contract between the parties that are about to expire on a certain specified date. The purpose of writing this agreement letter is to extend the contract period or to change the terms and conditions. Companies need renewal letters to protect legal obligations. Businesses usually have a contractual relationship with employees, customers, and suppliers.

Following is a sample of job agreement renewal letter:

Sample Letter

This is to confirm that the agreement between ABC organization, a Humanitarian non-governmental organization (the Employer) and XYZ (the Employee) has been renewed with all other terms and conditions of the initial agreement) dated (06/09/2018) has been modified through this agreement by the free will of both parties.

1.    ABC agrees to renew the agreement period of Mr. XYZ in the position of Senior Manager Human Resource based at city CDE.

2.    The Employee is designated to work in the Recruitment Management Unit under the administration of the Senior Recruitment Management Coordinator or as assigned. A job description is attached. However, since the nature of humanitarian work is always in a constant state of flux, there may be times when the Employee will be requested to provide support services or assume errands not initially expected.  

3.    The Employee’s status is changed to “Regular” with a salary of $18,000/- gross per month (as per ABC’s salary scale. The ABC will deduct the income tax on salaries as notified by the Government of country GHI from time to time.

4.    This contract is for a determined period, starting as of March 24, 2020, and ending on April 30, 2022.

5.    At least one month beforehand the close of the contract period, the Employer will evaluate program requirements, employee performance, and employee behavior and may extend or renew the contract with the Employee.   

6.  After the probation period, either party may terminate this agreement given a written notification period of 30 calendar days. If due to programmatic concerns, the employer is forced to terminate this agreement without sufficient notice, the difference between available notice time and 30 calendar days will be provided as termination pay. This agreement will then be concluded, and the Employee may claim no further indemnities than those provided for in the HR Policies

7.  If the employee is fired for cause, consequential from gross misconduct or failure to execute duties, ABC is not obligated to provide either a notice period or termination pay.

8.  Any issues or conflicts with this agreement will be addressed only between the Employer and the Employee. No other person or organization is authorized to modify, alter, or intervene in any aspect of this agreement without the mutual agreement of both parties, unless specifically addressed by law.

Approved by: Country Director


Signature                                                                                 Date

Accepted by: Employee

I have read and understood this agreement.  I willingly agree this agreement and all terms and conditions described herein, inclusive of ABC’s Policies.

____________________________________                         ____________________________

Signature                                                                                 Date


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