Home Construction Budget Worksheet

A home construction budget worksheet is a spreadsheet which helps set and keep track of a budget for the construction or remodeling of a building. It can be created in the form of an MS Excel spreadsheet or MS Word document. Professional builders prefer this worksheet over complicated software applications owing to its ease of use.

The template is a spreadsheet document that helps the person in making the financial plan regarding the construction of the building. This document is very effective to be used when you plan to build or design your house.

Although you can make rough estimates of the cost you will incur, the budget sheet will give you almost an accurate idea of the total cost. This will consequently help you plan a lot of things ahead of time.

Construction budget worksheets play a significant role in tracking building costs and allocating a budget for different components of the construction process. Excel worksheets offer the following important uses.

    • Formulae to keep track of construction cost estimates.
    • Tools for job costing – estimated cost against actual cost.
    • Maintaining a record of due payments and the paid amount to subcontractors and laborers.
    • Maintaining a checklist for all items and components of the construction process in order to set a budget accordingly.

Builders benefit from home construction budget worksheets in the following ways.

    • The feasibility of a construction or remodeling project can be evaluated through the process of cost estimation.
    • The worksheet helps in dividing the construction cost into categories – labor, material, design, utilities, inspection fee, and other related expenditure – in order to allocate the right amount of money during the budgeting process.
    • The inbuilt system of calculation through mathematical formulae helps users save a significant amount of time during the estimation process. In addition, human error is also eliminated.
    • Checklists can be maintained in order to make sure that all important construction items are covered during the estimation and budgeting processes.

Preview and details of the template

Home construction budget template

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The purpose:

The purpose of using the construction budget sheet is not only to get the idea about the total amount to be allocated for construction project, but also to control the cost in several ways.

Who should use the budget sheet for construction?

This budget sheet is primarily for those people who have limited amount of resources and budget and want to get their home constructed while staying within the budget constraints at the same time. The contractors who work on the construction project are also needed to use the budget sheet to bid the construction project.

What should be included in the budget sheet?

While you use the budget sheet for your home, make sure it contains the following details:

  1. Name of the person
  2. Description of the home construction
  3. Contractor name
  4. Contact information
  5. Details of construction material with price
  6. Labour cost

A construction budget sheet usually contains two types of costs: hard cost and soft cost. The budget gets completely capable to help a person estimate his budget when it contains both types of costs. The user can also add more details which maybe specific to his home construction.

Budget sheet template:

Budget sheet template is one of the very productive tools that can increase the efficiency of construction since all the costs of the construction are according to the expectations of the user. The template provides many useful tools for calculation and estimation of budget very quickly and without any error.