Employment Letter of Interest

A letter of interest is generally written when you want to express your interest in something you are writing about. An employment letter of interest is a formal document written by those who want to showcase their interest in a particular employment opportunity they have seen in a company.

When you write a letter of interest to a particular company, you actually let them know through this letter that you are interested in working for them. As you mention your interest, it is your responsibility to write about yourself in the letter so that the employer can understand that whatever you are interested in makes sense.

Things to remember when you write a letter of interest for a job:

Just like a job application, every job-seeking individual wants to come with such a strong and convincing letter of interest that it can persuade the reader into hiring him. Read the following points to write the best and most professional letter:

  1. Discuss your strength areas and give your background so that the employer can know about you and decide on whether to hire you or not.
  2. Clearly mention the job position you are targeting through this letter.
  3. The letter should be short and full of meaningful and useful information for the reader.
  4. Describe your personal and professional profile in a concise manner.

if you want to understand writing a best employment letter of interest, read these two sample letters given below:

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Employment letter of interest

It has been brought to my notice recently that Miss. Jane, working as a secondary school science teacher, is vacating her position next month. Considering this, I have decided to apply for the same position Miss Jane is vacating.

I am Miss Laura and have been working as a professional teacher of the subject of science for 10 years. I am an active and result-oriented teacher who has always been so keen to help my students in excelling and progress in their life. In addition, I am adept at designing curricula and planning lessons daily.

In my 10 years of extensive experience, I have earned many certificates and awards based on my performance in the classroom. I always try to add value to the institute I work for, and this is the reason my previous employees acknowledge me based on the quality of work I deliver.

I truly believe that you will consider my letter of interest. I am attaching a copy of my resume with this letter so that you can know about my qualification and other details.

If you want to know more about it, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from


Subject: Employment letter of interest

Respected sir,

Last week, I happened to meet Mr. ABC in a seminar where he told me that XYZ Enterprises is upgrading and expanding the size of its company. Due to this, the company will have numerous vacant job positions. Considering this, I would like to apply for the position of mechanical engineer in your company. Here is my brief introduction:

I am Adams and have been working as a mechanical engineer in a well-known telecom company. During my work, I have equipped myself with plenty of skills that a mechanical engineer is supposed to learn. I have always been so passionate about learning new concepts and skills. The organizations I work for I always appreciate and encourage me based on the quality of work I always try to deliver.

A copy of my professional resume is attached to this letter so that you can know more about my professional profile and credentials. I hope that you will consider this letter after reading it. If you want to know more about me, you are always welcome to contact me at the contact number mentioned in my resume. I will look forward to a kind response from your side.