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Evaluation is the basis of growth and improvement. Any person who does any job needs an improvement every now and then. Whether it is a manager, a stockbroker, a journalist or a coach, there is an evaluation form for each job. A coach is someone who trains the pupil in a specific sport. There are coaches in the schools who teach kids sports such as cricket, basketball, tennis and rugby etc. Some of these kids might even become professionals and represent their countries. All they need is a good coach.

Need of the coach feedback form:

Every institution who offers coaching facilities requires a review from the parents about the performance of the coaches training their kids. The need to evaluate the coaches is to ensure:

  • A quality training expert for the kids
  • As the coaches are paid, their effectiveness is considered a lot more essential
  • Coach has a great impact on the behavior of the player
  • It is necessary to evaluate the standard of guidance and teaching that the player is getting
  • To evaluate the skills of the coach in developing a player to a professional
  • To determine the best practices that could be carried out in future

Components of the Coach evaluation form:

  • The form needs to cover all the aspects of coaching, such as dealing with the player, behavior and psychological training, handling pressure situations and injuries.
  • The form needs to ask the students and the parents about the performance and behavior of the coach.
  • If the coach himself demonstrates the sport and organizes the regular practice sessions
  • What kind of changes that you have observed in your kid since he joined the coaching
  • Does the coach communicate well with the student and the parents?
  • Does the child learn any stuff regarding the game?
  • Does the child show any improvements in his skills?
  • Does the coach evaluate the child properly?
  • You can give suggestions about the fields you want the coach to work harder with the child.

In case if you are looking for a coach feedback form, download the one given below which is made by our professionals.


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