Application for Relaxation of Office Timings

It is important for all employees to follow office timings strictly or they can be penalized. In case an employee is finding this tough to do, they can send an application for relaxation of office timings.

What is an application for relaxation of office timings?

An application for relaxation of office timings is an application that an employee writes to the boss or manager or concerned individual requesting that office timings be relaxed for them. In the application, the employee will let the manager know why they want this relaxation to occur. They need to convince the boss to agree to this.

Importance of the application

An application for office timing is important as it allows an employee to professionally request the boss to relax office timings for them. The employee needs to be able to convey the reasons why they want office timings to be relaxed. It is tough getting a relaxation of office timings and this may only occur when there is a solid reason. With the help of the application, the employee can convince the boss to agree to his/her request. The boss can keep the application in case it needs to be consulted later on.

When to write

The application should be written before the date that the employee wants the relaxation to occur. In this way, the office can arrange how to handle the issue. It should be submitted timely so that no problems are faced by the office due to this.

It is beneficial…

The application is beneficial due to the following reasons:

It lets employees professionally request a relaxation of office timings

Employees need to inform the office of any issues they have. It is important to do this professionally and according to the rules of the office. If an employee needs a relaxation of office timings, they may need to send an application to the manager or administration informing them of this request. The employee can tell the reasons why they want this relaxation. The application will allow the employee to convince the administration to give them relaxation in office timings.

It provides proof if needed later on

The application can be kept in the file of the employee. In case the employee asks for another relaxation after some time, the application can be consulted and shown to the employee. If any issues may arise due to this, the application can be taken out as proof.

It allows office administration to know that an employee needs a relaxation in office timings

Offices often work according to strict timings. If employees ignore these, the functioning of the office can be negatively impacted. The administration or boss needs to know when any employee needs relaxation in office timings. They also need to know why they need this. The application can help out here. The manager may need to arrange how to handle the relaxation beforehand. They may request the employee to do some projects from home for instance.

Sample application for relaxation of office timings:


Recipients Name
Recipients Company Name
Address of Company

Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Miss. (Name of Recipient),

I am (give your full name), working in the department of (name of department). I work on the post of (name of the post). I have been doing this in the company for (tell how many years you have been working in the company). It has been a pleasure working in this company and I have learned much from here. The staff is cooperative and helps whenever needed. I am writing this letter to ask your favor to allow relaxation to occur in my office timings from (tell when you will want the office timings relaxation to occur from).

The reason for this is (tell why you want a relaxation in office timings; it may be due to a health problem). I am not able to work properly because of this and I hope you can reduce my working hours from (how many hours you are working) to (hours you can work).

I am hopeful that you will consider my request. It would assist me out much. Thank you.


Application for Relaxation of Office Timings

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