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Every organization has a set of rules and regulations that need to follow. These set of rules and regulations help maintain the decorum and the work environment of the organization. There are times when employees fail to follow the rules and regulations and either intentionally or unintentionally takes actions that compromise the protocol of the organization. Such employees are to be given a warning notice which would caution them about their actions and for the future, warn them that if it happens again, there might be strict actions.

The Employee warning notice should be drafted by the manager or the supervisor of the employee in question so that the employee feels that a direct warning has been given. The tone of the warning should be formal and a bit strict.


Be extra careful that the tone doesn’t get too harsh as it may scare off the employee instead of achieving the goal in mind. It should be written with utmost respect as to not demotivate the employee. The reason behind giving the warning notice should also be mentioned along with actions that should be taken by the employee to rectify the mistake.

The notice should also inform the employee about future implications if the action was to be repeated. It is vital that no information should be held back from the employee so that he/she is fully aware of the consequences. If the employee needs to pay a penalty, then that should be mentioned very clearly as well.

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