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It is very important for the landlord to screen his tenant well before renting out his property to anyone. The process of screening solves lots of problems of the landlord. It is important for the landlord to ensure that all the tenants are being treated fairly and the process of renting out the property to any potential renter is completely consistent. It should also be ensured that every renter has submitted the rental application form.

If you have to go somewhere and you want a tenant who can look after your property and also ensure that your property is in safe hands, you should use tenant rental application form. You can easily get a right type of tenant if you give them an application form to fill before you hand over your property to them.

This form enables the person to make the complete analysis of the tenant and it also reflects your complete knowledge of housing laws of the state. The form can help you in case any dispute arises between you and the tenant.

Any action of the tenant can be checked through the application form if it meets the application form terms and conditions.

What to Include?

Rental application forms are filled and submitted by tenants when they want to get the property on rent. The form is submitted to the owner of the property.

The main details which are included in the basic application form are the name, date of birth, contact details, the total amount of rent to be paid, the duration of the rental agreement, employment information of the applicant, the contact details where the tenant will be contacted in case of emergency etc.

The details of the references will also be given. The references are required for the security of the property owned by the landlord. The applicant and the co-applicant should sign the tenant rental application form before they submit it. The date on which the application is being submitted should also be written in the form.

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With the help of application form submitted by the tenant, you can streamline the process of application and you will also be able to find good tenants.

Every single of the tenant may have different requirements for getting into the agreement and having the hard copy and electronic copy of the application forms submitted by all the applicants can enable you to make a decision quickly.

About Templates

The application forms available on the internet are very easy to use and you can personalize them according to your needs if you want to add some more questions in it. There are also many websites which offer rental application PDF form which can directly be downloaded and can be used.

You can get many templates from the internet, which contain many fields to collect comprehensive details from the tenant. These templates don’t guarantee that they provide all the information needed by the landlord.

To get the form that is in compliance with the laws of the state, you should get it checked by any service of an attorney. Following is given a sample template that can help you prepare a form for you in no time.

Preview & Details of Template

Rental Application Form

Tenant Rental Application Form Template

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Notice to Tenant to Make Repair

Notice to Tenant to Make Repair

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