Request Letter for Certificate of Employment (CoE)

For Travel

I am writing to formally request a Certificate of Employment. I need this document in order to facilitate my upcoming travel plans.

As I am traveling abroad next month, I am required to provide proof of my current employment status for the approval of my visa. I would greatly appreciate it if the certificate could be issued at your earliest convenience so that my visa can be processed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in this matter. I will be grateful for your prompt attention to this request.

Housing Loan

I am reaching out to formally request a Certificate of Employment for the purpose of obtaining a housing loan. I am in the process of securing a loan to purchase a home. The bank has listed my COE as one of the essential documents to verify my employment status and income stability.

I would be grateful if the certificate could include my current position, duration of employment, and annual salary. I assure you that the document will solely be used for the purpose mentioned above.

Thank you for your understanding, support, and prompt attention to this matter.

Visa Application

I am writing to request my certificate of employment. After the company’s approval of my leave application, I have made plans to travel abroad. The requested document is a mandatory requirement for my visa application process.

I will be really grateful for your immediate attention to this request.

Car/Bike Loan

I am writing to request my Certificate of Employment. As I have applied for a car/bike loan from the bank, I need the requested document as a pre-requisite for the loan application.

Kindly include all major details: my current position at the company, the total number of years I have been associated with the organization, and my exact monthly salary, along with all the benefits.

I would be really grateful if the requested document could be arranged at the earliest possible time so that my loan application process can be expedited.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

CoE with Compensation

I would like to request a Certificate of Employment with Compensation from XYZ Company. As I am in the middle of negotiating a mortgage agreement for a new home, the bank has specifically asked for a detailed account of my employment and compensation package in order to assess my financial stability.

I kindly ask that the certificate include not only my current job title and the duration of my service with the company but also a comprehensive breakdown of my monthly salary. Please also include any additional benefits and bonuses that are part of my compensation package. This detailed information will help me meet the bank’s criteria to evaluate my financial standing and make the mortgage approval process smoother.

I understand that compiling such detailed information requires time and effort. However, I would really appreciate it if the certificate could be ready by Thursday, March 28th, so that I can provide the said document to the bank within the timeline set by them.

Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

Request letter for certificate of employment

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