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Sometimes, checking the record of any individual becomes crucial for you. For example, when you want to hire someone for your company, you are required to look at their past to ensure that they are reliable and honest.

What is record request form?

The certified record request form has been designed to request for checking the record of an individual. This form contains the fields to collect the information about you before you get complete authorization to check the record.

The criminal and behavior record checks are performed in almost every organization. The employers have been given the right to learn about the candidate with whom he is going to make a formal relationship.

Checking the record lets the employer know about the employee he is going to hire. He gets to know if there is anything lurking in the background of the employee that can cause harm to the business. Anything unpleasant can be avoided in your business simply by performing the record check.

It is not easy to get the record of anyone. You are not going to get the authorization to check someone’s history. So, you will have to request using the request form.

How to create the record check request form?

  1. The document should include the title of the form on the top of the page so that the person can know why he is being asked to fill the form.
  2. After the title, include the details of the requestor such as name, contact number, mailing address, requestor’s country etc.
  3. Add the fields for collection of the information about the person whose record is required to obtain. The fields should be created with the full name, date of birth, sex, place birth etc.
  4. The form should add the field to provide the reason for conducting the record check
  5. End the form with the signatures of the requestor.

The template for this request form can be obtained from this website. This is easy to use ms word template that helps you get a professional looking request form with little efforts.

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Record Check Request Form


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