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This form is a tool used in any form of medical emergency. It’s widely used for the children and old parents who are unable of taking their care of themselves and are under the custody or babysit of another party or individual, for instance, temporary guardians. Sometimes things may go wrong and one may suffer a serious injury or be in an unfortunate situation, in those times this form acts as an authority letter and it states that the sufferer may go under any medical attention needed or required.

In developed countries Government Issues, the forms through the website and people can have it in printed form. The person who is the supervisor of such a person in whose name the letter is issued must have the access to this form.

This form is a simple letter with the heading of such notice and the person who signed this form is just simply doing an undertaking. Things which may include in this form are; undertaking and name of the parent, Child’s full name, date of birth, name of the family doctor, known diseases and allergies (for medical treatment), blood group, date of tetanus immunization, home address permanent and temporary, contacts, emergency contact (other than parents), identity number, and signatures.

You can get this form, printed from the website of any hospital, legal institution, or from the verified website. Or simply one can draw and print this form if he/she knows the format of the medical consent form, which this content has provided the reader. One such official format medical consent is provided here for the purpose. Get it download and is all yours.

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medical consent form template



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