Letter to Dissolve the Company

Re. Letter to Dissolve the Company’s State as a Corporation as Mentioned in the Meeting Dated [date]

Dear [Name], this letter has been written down on behalf of the board of directors and Chief Executive. According to notification no. [abc-123], it has been decided to dissolve the company within two months. The notification has been sent to the court of justice and has been approved by the Magistrate of the Consumer Court [specify the court].

According to the court response, the board of directors and other chief members are in a complete legal position to dissolve the company. The court also gives the right of repudiation of the notification to dissolve the company to the mentioned.

However, repudiation or withholding the decision that withholds or infringes the legal right of any employee or a person who, directly or indirectly, is linked with the company, legal action shall be taken against the company and its shareholders.

The letter informs confirmation of the dissolution of the company on financial grounds. Due to soaring inflation and debt crises in the commercial and corporation business, it has become almost impossible to run the business. The company has a $[X] debt to repay to its creditors. Due to inflation, political instability, and economic outage in the state, we have decided to dissolve the company.


We regret to bring this to your information that we do not have any other option. Therefore, the employees will have to suffer from permanent layoff. Earlier this year, the company downsized its employees and restructured to face the economic challenges, but it has become indispensable to dissolve the company.

All employees will continue working till [date], however, they will receive two salaries as compensation. This compensation has been done in the legal recognition of the dissolution. The company does not accept any claim of permanent employment case as mentioned in its copy of rules and regulations and the appointment letters.

You are advised to conclude your career in this company by doing your best. We request you end all the projects before the deadline. We wish you a great career ahead.

You will be provided with reference letters for better work opportunities by the company. Thank you for understanding and respecting our decision to dissolve. Thank you.



Letter to dissolve the company

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Sample -2

Re. Announcement of dissolution of [XYZ]

Dear Client,

As per the decision taken by the board of directors, shareholders, and our executive team, it has been decided to dissolve the company. With the soaring outage in the economic situation in the industrial and agricultural sectors, we are compelled to dissolve the company.

It is to inform you that the board of directors met with the shareholders and executive team members of our company to discuss the surging economic situation and inflation around the globe. Considering many solutions to avoid the dissolution, the meeting ended with the conclusion to dissolve as it is an inescapable ground.

We have discussed the matter with our associate economists too who think it is the only possible solution to repay the debt with soaring interest rates increasing every day.

To get out of the crisis, we are dissolving the company which will be effective from [date]. Please consider our immense respect and appreciation for your company which remained our client and support for several projects.

We are delighted to conclude this industry by thanking our clients like you who participated directly or indirectly in the prosperity of this company. Also, we are thankful for your consideration and willingness to work with us. We had a great chance to learn from your strong team play and management. Thank you.


[Name of the sender]

Letter to dissolve the company

Letter File 35 KB

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