Email to Boss to Discontinue the Job


I am writing to formally inform you of my resignation as an ABC manager from XYZ Company. I joined this company as a fresh graduate and have learned a lot from skilled mentors and gained enormous experience from the projects handed down to me.

When I joined this company, I was told of the luxuries I could enjoy after I reached the ABC manager position. Due to drastic changes in the economic outlook of the country, all the luxuries have been called off. In addition to my monthly salary, I was promised a fuel allowance, a medical allowance, and 15 days of vacation, but all these amenities have been canceled and are attributed to senior staff only.

Canceling these services has lowered my morale because I worked hard to reach where I am today, and it will take years to take other steps because of immense competition and inflation. I put forward my request for medical allowance but my application was not even considered by the administration. Therefore, I have decided to take the hard decision of resigning from my post and looking for other opportunities.


This note serves to bring to your attention that I am officially leaving my job as an assistant manager at the XYZ Company. It has not been easy to come to this conclusion, but the following reasons were enough for me to take this hard step:

XYZ Company has recently hired a batch of fresh graduates as per policy, but these candidates were not taught about professional behavior and work ethics. Since their appointment, the workplace environment has been completely ruined, and it is tough to concentrate on any project.

Since these new appointees have strong connections with the board of directors, they consider themselves superior and ridicule every employee. All employees are targeted for their dressing sense and their mode of transportation to belittle them. They do not perform well on tasks assigned by project leaders and make excuses to dump their work on other employees.

All the above-mentioned situations have completely changed work dynamics, and it is not possible to stay positive and productive in such a hostile environment. It does not provide you with room to grow and make progress. I have notified higher administration regarding this issue, but they did not take any notice, which makes it impossible for me to continue my work.


I hope this email finds you well. With a heavy heart, I have decided to part ways with XYZ Company. I have always admired the working spirit and enthusiasm of this workplace and owe my professionalism to it, but nowadays, it has been hard for me to concentrate on my work. I was recently promoted to a higher rank, and I deserved this success because I worked hard for it, but it has taken a toll on my mental health.

With a great position come great responsibilities, and I am unable to cope with all the workload within due time. At this stage, I should have a team of competent employees for successful project completion, but I am forced to be a one-man army, which is not possible.

Due to my extreme workload and stress, I could not perform well on various projects, but the administration did not pay any heed to my concerns. Therefore, I have taken the extreme decision of distancing myself from the company and preferring my health and wellness over work.

Email to Boss to Discontinue the Job


Working at XYZ Company has been a great experience, but I regret to inform you that I have decided to resign from my post. It has been hard to work creatively and make progress. Because of my dedication and hard-working nature, I was appointed as a project manager and was assigned to lead a team of five members.

I am grateful for the opportunity, but other employees are using this promotion to ridicule me and associate me with office politics. I have earned my title honestly, but I am unable to explain why it is creating a hostile environment at the workplace. I cannot focus on my project and achieve the desired goals.

All the employees who were awarded promotions are suffering from a serious backlash from their colleagues. The higher administration has been notified several times to take action, but all in vain. My resignation is just the starting point of a wave because many other employees are also on the brink of resigning because of an unhealthy workplace environment.

These troublemakers should have been schooled by management when employees raised their genuine concerns, but everyone turned a blind eye. This immoral behavior does not align with the company’s objectives, and it will face a game-changing backlash when projects are led by amateur and inexperienced staff.


I am writing this letter to officially inform you that I am leaving XYZ Company for good. I have gained great experience by working on a variety of high-quality projects and have always been admired and rewarded by the higher management.

Recently, I have noticed that the administration prefers favoritism and does not acknowledge the efforts of all employees; instead, they choose their favorite employees and assign them bigger projects. This situation has caused disruptions among senior employees because they are not given projects of good value. Lack of acknowledgment of the efforts of hard-working employees results in demotivation, thus leading to incomplete or poorly completed projects. This situation takes away your ability to be creative and put your best foot forward; instead, it makes you a people-pleaser and a joke.

It is high time that the administration straightened its course and took matters into its own hands. Build their trust in their workers and reward them based on their efforts for the company. This company will soon see its downfall if suitable steps are not taken immediately.