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This SMS is to notify you of my sudden leave due to my son’s birthday which I, unfortunately forgot to inform you earlier due to loads of work at office last week. Therefore I request you to kindly allow me to avail one day off so that I could make his day worthy enough to be remembered for long. Your affirmation in this matter would be highly appreciable.        


Good day! I wanted to ask if I could get a day off due to my daughter’s birthday. I have to seek to leave for one day since I and my wife decided to throw a surprise birthday party to make her feel special in the best possible way. For this purpose the thing which is most important is your affirmative reply in this scenario. Hoping to get one!     


This SMS serves you as a written request to ask for leave for today as it is my wife’s first birthday after our eternal union and I want to make it a memorable one for her. So I appeal you to grant me a leave for one day so that I could finalize everything about her birthday party. Thanking you in anticipation!


This SMS is to ask for leave for tomorrow on [INSERT DATE] as it is our first wedding anniversary and we are throwing a party in which you are also invited. I need a full day leave for that as I have to make all the arrangements and preparations in this regard. Your presence in the party would be as much delighted as granting this leave. Thank you!  


Hello sir! This SMS is to inform you of the birthday of our most appreciated and hard working team member Mr. [INSRERT NAME]. I am one of his very close friends and I have arranged a surprise birthday party for him at [INSERT VANUE] where all of our common friends are invited. You would have been at the top of this list but unluckily you are abroad these days. I request you to please grant me a half day leave in order to let us keep continued with our plans. I shall be highly thankful for this favor.

Leave applications

A leave application play a key role in professional and well-established companies where code of conduct and statement of procedures are strictly followed. To maintain uniformity in the system, discipline is followed greatly when it comes to organized and balance approach towards the healthy environment of a corporate sector.

Keeping your boss informed about the specific reason for not being present at the workplace is the utmost key to be in his good books. Higher authorities consider that person vigilant and concerned about his job.

When an employee submits a leave application, his seriousness towards his work and company ethics is reflected which leaves a good impression on managers.

Executive staff acknowledges the timely notification in the form of a leave application that states the absence of individual due to certain reasons. They can be sickness or an appointment with a doctor, casualty or car accident, death of a closed one, a special event in the family, vacation, paternity or maternity holidays or any other commitment.

Currently, a lot of firms have the format of digital leave application. Taking leave without a leave application causes disturbance to your peers in office, as by not showing up on time on an important day where your company requires you for a certain meeting or training, your unavailability, with not having informed prior through proper channel with proper leave request, will drop the company’s impression low and will create a bad image of yours in that setup.

Your leave application encourages the boss to realize your necessity for the leave. It also helps in keeping the track of your absentees, bearing a genuine reason. A couple of points are vital to your application:

  • Greetings
  • Statement of Purpose: Purpose of the application (subject)
  • Briefly stating the reason for taking leave
  • Number of holidays required mentioned with proper dates
  • Working strategy during your time off
  • Personal Credentials
  • Thanking note in advance
  • Signature of the applicant

To cultivate a healthy work-life balance, well-reputed brands consider official processes significant like making an official request for taking a day off, as they play a central part in keeping things intact and maintain order.

It may be of limited value to the person who is stating the cause of absenteeism but for a leader who is in charge of all the human resource, is bound to have a record keeping system where he is gathering data associated to every employee and that system should not fail in giving a statistical analysis of a company’s repute in terms of its employees number of days worked. In this way, future endeavors are planned in a better way.

Grab your employee leave request form template and alter this well-formatted design hassle free. A leave application letter that is well-structured and easy to make changes. If you are looking to pen-down an effective and persuading letter, then this is the template for you.

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