Bill of Sale of Dog Template

A bill of the sale or a sale form/receipt of a dog is a document that is prepared for a transaction between a seller and a buyer of a dog. This bill is evidence that the deal has been made between the two parties, and can be referred to in the case of any dispute in the future. 

When a person wants to sell a dog, he states the price and characteristics of the dog, and if the buyer is satisfied, the latter agrees to purchase it. Once the transaction is finalized, the seller provides a bill of dog sale, which records all the details of the transaction as well as the two parties. One copy may be kept in the record by the seller as well, in case it needs to be used in the future for any reason.

The bill of sale may vary depending on the transaction details and the priorities/requirements of the parties. However, generally, the following details are included in a bill of the sale of a dog:

  • Date of transaction.
  • Details of the seller (name, address, etc.). If it is a company, then the details of the company also need to be stated as well, along with the company logo.
  • Details of the buyer.
  • Characteristics of the dog, such as the call name, breed, age, color, etc.
  • Any health issues of the dog.
  • Price of the dog.
  • Payment schedule, if any.
  • Reason for the purchase.
  • Agreement and signatures of both the parties.
  • Conditions or contractual terms, if any.
  • Details of the transfer of ownership and the bearing party of the transfer cost.
  • Details and signature of the witness, if any.

If the transaction at one point in time between the two parties involves a sale of more than one dog, then the bill of the sale would include more information, including the specifications of each dog, separately. 

It can be said that a bill of the sale serves as a contract or an agreement document between the two parties, which means the parties involved are bound to the contractual terms, once signed. In addition, it can also be considered a legal document, which means it can be used for any legal purposes or to resolve any disputes.

Sample Bill of Sale of Dog

It is to certify that Mr./Ms. [NAME] has purchased a dog from Mr./Ms./company name [NAME] on date [DATE].

The dog has been purchased as a pet and has the following characteristics:

  • Call name
  • Breed
  • Color
  • Age
  • Health issues, if any.

Details of the seller

Contact Number 

Details of the buyer

Contact Number 

The transaction is made on a cash basis, and the full payment of $__________ has been received at the time of purchase. 

The dog has a good health, and is not suffering from any disease. The vaccinations up till its current age are completed.

No return/refund is acceptable after two days of purchase. The seller will be responsible for completing the transfer of ownership of the dog, but the total cost would be borne by both the buyer and the seller in halves.

Signature of seller______________               Signature of buyer____________

Date_________________________              Date_______________________

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