Volunteer Information Forms

Volunteer Information Form

Non-profit organizations are always in need to have the volunteers for several programs based on volunteer work. The basic objective behind using the volunteer information form is to collect the information about the volunteers who want to attend the programs organized by any organization. The volunteers can be very useful for the organization if it uses right method and perfectly designed form to obtain information from them so that right and suitable people can be chosen. The importance of form while choosing any volunteer should not be ignored at all.

A volunteer person gets an opportunity to interact with other volunteers and the person can also work selflessly in order to achieve his goals. There are also many programs which are organized in any organization that gives opportunities to volunteers to work. The volunteers are provided to such programs by organizations to participate. The availability of all the volunteers is recorded through the use of the volunteer information form. The template of the form has made it very easy and simple to prepare a good one for you.

Key elements of volunteer information form:

The main information which is taken from the volunteer is the name, address, phone number, email address and some other contact details, date of birth, occupation etc. There are also some questions which the volunteer has to answer. Main questions are about the eligibility of the volunteer. The person is also asked about his past experience in this field. The availability of every volunteer is checked through the volunteer information form where the volunteer provides the information about a number of days of his availability. The areas where the volunteer can work with ease are also asked in the form.

The form can be prepared at home with ease if you know about all the contents of the form. The form should be designed in such a way that it can collect all the information about the person to know about the positive and negative aspects of the personality of the person who wants to be a volunteer. Although the form is a basic document which is used by any organization for checking the eligibility of the person, the company should also take the thorough interview. After the interview, the HR officer should be able to make the decision regarding the place where the volunteer should be employed and also the background and character of the volunteer should also be known.

There is no specific format of the form. The form can be designed according to the requirements of the organization because of which the format of each form varies from organization to organization. The main details to be included in the form are:

  1. Contact information including email address of the volunteer
  2. Date of birth and social security number
  3. Emergency contact details
  4. Education level
  5. Physical limitations
  6. Other organizations where the volunteer has worked
  7. Certification such as CPR or first aid
  8. One of more personal references of the volunteer who wants to join the company


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Volunteer Information Form


Volunteer Information Form

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