Rental Agreement Letter

Renting your house? Stop! Make a rental agreement first. A rental agreement letter is a legal document that records all the details of a rental agreement before you rent it. In order to make a proper rental agreement letter, it is necessary that your agreement letter does not lack any necessary elements.

Your letter should have these essential details:

  • Before writing a rental agreement letter, know about the rental laws and state the relevant references if any.
  • Write the name of the tenant and renter clearly as well as their details.
  • State the necessary property details.
  • Mention the consequences if the rent is not paid or the contract is broken.
  • Write about the payment policy and how do you want to be paid.
  • If you create a repair and maintenance policy, mention it in the letter.
  • Make sure you make no mistakes in writing the amount of rent and the dates of an agreement.
  • Let the agreement be signed by both parties once it is written
  • To make your agreement a legal document, approve it from an attorney or notary public.
  • Once you’re done with everything, keep a copy of the letter with you and give the other to your tenant.

Don’t forget that the rental agreement is a legal document. Be very careful to add essentials in your agreement letter. To make a rental agreement letter, make use of our instant-to-use agreement letter samples. Just choose, download, modify and print. And yes, now you can rent your house.

This agreement is made on [enter date] between the landlord, who is at the moment Mr. [enter name], and the tenant who is at the moment Mr. [enter name]. The agreement is dependent on the terms and conditions as per mentioned in the rental agreement form. The tenant as well as the landlord is supposed to abide by them. Legal action can be taken against the tenant as well as the landlord, whosoever breaks the agreement. The tenant is supposed to pay his monthly due on every [enter date] of the month. The landlord, on the other hand, is bound to inform the tenant [enter period] if he wants his land vacated. The agreement is hereby finalized.   

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Rental agreement letter

Rental Agreement Letter Template

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