Project Completion Handover Letter to Client

Re. Project Completion and Handover Letter

Dear [Client’s Name], I hope this letter finds you very well. With much pleasure and zeal, it is informed that the project was signed between the two parties, i.e., [mention the names of both the companies involved in the signing of the project]. It was a very good opportunity for us and our team to have the opportunity to work with you and help each other achieve our common goals.

At this moment, I am going to hand over all the material, data, and concluded details related to the project to you to ensure smooth and on-time delivery of the project. I am glad to share that our team was able to complete the project with revisions before the given deadline.

Following are the project details for your convenience:

  • Project Name: [Officially Approved Name]
  • Project Duration: [Start Date]- [End Date]
  • Key Points of the Project to be Achieved: [Enlist the key deliverables or procedures executed and goals achieved.]
  • Project Team: [Enlist the team members who participated in the project completion along with the team leader, Assistant, and other executive and non-executive team members.]

Project Final Milestone and Deliverables (as mentioned in the contract copy attached):

[In this section, mention the key takeaways and deliverables in the project that you achieved and also link these points with the contract points signed between both parties.]

Project Documentation:

You can find attached the relevant project documentation, manuals, reports, and operational instructions.

Contact Information:

If you find anything questionable, please feel no hesitation in reaching out to us and putting your queries before us. We will do our best, as a team, to assist you in matters of instructions and manual understanding. You can contact our Team Leader at [Phone Number] or our Project Assistant at [Phone Number]. You can also write to us at [Email Address] with your queries.

Project Support:

If you find any issue with the project, we are committed to providing further revisions. In case of any invalid deliverable or execution of the project, you can take our assistance. Our free support and service are valid for one week from the delivery of this project.

Payment and Invoices:

We have attached the receipts related to the cost of the project, which is $[X]. An amount of [X] has been received by you; however, we would appreciate the deposit of the rest of the amount before [date].

We are delighted to have worked with you and completed this project. We hope that this project will exceed your expectations and requirements. Our team left no stone unturned to make this project successful and fully operational within the given strict and short deadline.

We delightedly and genuinely express our gratitude for your collaboration and continuous coordination. We appreciate your kind communication and highly professional demeanor in dealing with project-related acquisitions and data requirements. We would love to work with you again in the future.

Please acknowledge the delivery of this project and share your thoughts about it. I am looking forward to your kind response. Thank you.

Best Regards, 

[Your Name]
[Your Designation]
[Company Name]
[Signature and Date]

Enclosures: A list of documents related to the project delivery has been enclosed.

Project Completion Handover Letter to Client

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Sample Letter #2

Re. Project Completion and Handover of the Project Letter

Dear [Client’s Name],

With reference to the above-mentioned subject, it is to inform you that the project is ready to be delivered and that documentation has been filed and verified. This letter is to announce the project’s completion, hand over the project deliverables and takeaways, and appreciate your kind cooperation during this time.

The construction project was signed between both companies, and the key project takeaway was to complete the construction of floor G-12 of the building housing your office. Our team worked very hard to execute the terms of the contract on this project and deliver it within the given deadline. However, despite the strictly short timeline of the project, our diligent and dedicated team was able to complete it within the given time.

Our team has duly checked every point related to this project and, hence, confirms the delivery of the project with a final notice. Our team has given special attention to each detail and worked very hard.

Please note that the project that was initiated on [Start Date] has been completed and is ready to be delivered on [End Date]. The documentation of the project details is completely ready and can be accessed at our portal with the ID [Mention the portal ID].

Please do not share this ID with anyone and keep it confidential until the date of delivery.

We really appreciate your continuous coordination during this time. Your team kept the communication seamless and smooth. We are impressed by the demonstrated professionalism of your team. We would like to work with you again in the future. If you have any questions related to the project, please feel free to contact our Client Coordinator, [Name], at [Phone Number] or [Email Address], who will guide you through the process of submitting queries. Thank you.


[Your Name]
[Your Designation]
[Company’s Name]


Project Completion Handover Letter to Client

Letter File: 46 KB