Patient Registration Form

Registration forms are used to register people and important events by collecting certain types of details. These forms are widely used as they not only collect information but are also used as an important source of keeping the information safe in the records of an organization.

Just like any other institute, hospitals also use patient registration forms. These forms are also helpful in gathering information about the patient who is going to get the treatment from the hospital.

What is a patient registration form?

It is a useful document that is used by healthcare facilities across the world to collect information regarding the patient. This form is usually filled by the patient at the time of entry into the hospital. Whether a patient has to stay in the hospital for a few hours or a few days, the registration form is filled out to share essential details with the management of the hospital.

The patient registration form is used by the person who is responsible for fulfilling the administrative responsibilities in the hospital. The form is given to the patient or guardians of the patient so that they can fill it in and release their details to the hospital.

Why it is important to use the patient registration form?

The registration form, as the name suggests, registers a patient to the hospital. It means that the hospital and its management start recognizing the patient with the help of the information the patient shares with the hospital. The hospital and doctors also get insight into the condition of the patient because there are many such fields in the form that gather the previous medical history of the patient that is useful for them to treat the patient now in a better way.

The form also tells the doctor if the patient is allergic to something. The doctor can then prescribe the medicine accordingly. This way, the patient remains healthy and safe.

What information is included in the patient registration form?

These forms are used to collect some general information such as:

  1. Name, date of birth, and address of the patient
  2. Reason for vising the hospital
  3. Details of the appointment
  4. Date of registration
  5. Total fee paid by the patient

Some registration forms also like collect information about the medical history of the patient including the list of medications the patient has been taking in the past, details of illnesses and surgeries the patient went through in the past, and much more.

How information from the registration form is useful?

The different medical institute maintains their record which is used for a variety of purposes such as internal and external auditing. Hospitals are also required to keep a record because it shows how many patients visited the hospital and for what purpose. When the same patient visits the hospital twice, the hospital does not have to add the details to the record again and this way, a lot of time is saved.

Many such hospitals offer special discounts to patients registered with them. Due to this, patients also get attracted to those hospitals and get themselves registered.

The form also lets the healthcare practitioners see the needs of the patient. Due to this, they can treat the patient according to their medical needs.

How to get easy to use patient registration form?

If you don’t want to create a form from scratch, you can download a ready-to-use form template available from various sources on the internet. These templates can be edited and therefore, they are most suitable to be used by people who need a ready-to-use form.

The form template enables the user to save time and spend most of the time improving the process of registration and encouraging people to fill out the form to get acknowledged every time they enter the hospital for treatment purposes.

Some hospitals give the form to the patient for filling out its empty fields while some have hired people who fill the form on the patient’s behalf. Either way, the information is collected from the patient and then shared with people who need it. It is important to note that the form does not collect confidential information that needs the patient’s consent.

Patient registration form template

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