Student Witness Statement Forms

What is a witness statement form? 

It is a formal document that is used to keep the record of the statements of the person who has been witnessed while committing a crime or other illegal happenings. The concerned authorities can record the witnesses in an organized manner by using the witness statement form. This form can then be used for the investigation of the case by the investigation teams or lawsuits.

The template of the witness statement form is available on this website in the form of a blank document. The main purpose of using this form template is that gives a clear picture to the user of how a witness statement form should look.

A formal witness statement form should include all those documents that are needed by a person.

When to use the witness statement form? 

This witness statement form is a crucial document that is commonly used by investigating agencies. Most commonly it is used by the police to record the confessions of those people who had been in illegal activity. The main purpose of using this form is to record the witnesses.

It is also used to pen down the incident that was witnessed by someone. The form is also being used commonly by students. This form allows the student to write down his witness on a piece of paper.

Parts of the form

The witness form for a student is divided into 3 main sections. The first section is designed to collect information about the witness. In this section, the form asks the witness to provide his name, contact information, the name of the institute in which he is studying, contact details of the institute, the department of study, etc.

The other section collects the details about the incident. In this section, the names of the students who were involved in the accident are written. The date, time, and location of the accident are also written.

In the end, there is a third section that is totally based on the witness statement. There should be enough space for the witness statement provided in the form.

Have the following templates designed by us for general witness statements and student witness statements. Hope it helps!

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Witness statement form

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Student witness statement form

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