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In the present world, day care services have increased to twofold and a lot of people are relying on it. The people who are busy in their lives and do regular jobs find it tiring and almost impossible to attend with their infants during job timings. When children are old enough to go to school and participate in other activities like game clubs or dancing classes, these services seem non-existent to the parents. But, when a child is younger and needs attention every minute, a working parent can only think about a daycare to take good care of the kid just like a kid’s own mother would do.

It is both a blessing and a curse that day care industry has started to bloom, but because of so many service centers, the quality of the services provided have declined. When it comes to one’s child, no one wants to take a risk and everyone wants that their kid is pampered and taken care of in the best way possible. For this purpose, parents demand a day care quotation in which all the services, timings and price list are mentioned. By comparing a few quotations, best option can be chosen and can make sure that the child enjoys his stay. Apart from comfortable stay, parents are also interested in cheap prices and better facilitation.

The best way to present a good quote is to use a template that will have an attractive format and will make sure that no important detail is missed out. A typical day care quotation will mention the term of services that this certain service center is offering. The term may be long term or just a few days. The services offered like babysitting, feeding, cleaning, etc. the prices of the services should either be mentioned in a sum or according to each service chosen and whatever is the way of deciding prices should be mentioned appropriately.

Any extra service provided other than the ones decided should be mentioned separately and the costs related to it should be drafted on the quotation so that it covers even the minute details.


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Day Care Quotation Template


Day Care Quotation Template

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