Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist

A cleaning checklist clearly tells what a cleaner should do to perform the cleaning more effectively. The significance of the cleaning for commercial offices is more than houses. The cleaning checklist provides the tasks that are required to be done in order to perform the cleaning more appropriately.

This checklist is basically for those people who want to specify how to do the cleaning of the commercial office. With the effective done at the commercial building, you can make your office standout with a unique and clean look.

Commercial office cleaning is always a very difficult phase for the supervisors. Because the office cleaning starts at night or scheduled when the senior management is not present, it becomes very important for you to list down every crucial detail in order to make the office cleaning process as effective as possible.

Usually, the professional office cleaners have their own way to deal with their work, but to achieve satisfactory results, you should have your own checklist for the office cleaning.

The office cleaning checklist template designed in Excel is an amazing office tool which helps you arrange all your office cleaning tasks through a database in order to speed up the cleaning process effectively.

Some of the important tasks which should be included in a commercial office checklist are listed below:

  • Waste bin cleaning, vacuuming carpets and mats
  • Mop cleaning, surface cleaning for all office furniture such as chairs, desks, tables etc.
  • Application of disinfectants to prevent the growth of germs
  • Window cleaning, glass material cleaning
  • Walls, cabinets and ceilings cleaning,
  • Bathroom cleanups and replacing soaps, shampoos, hand-washes, and towels wherever necessary
  • Maintaining a proper elevator and staircases cleaning process
  • Ensuring an effective kitchen cleanup for keeping the place healthy where the employees meet for lunch
  • Flooring and tiles cleaning

These were some of the basic tasks related to any commercial office cleaning process. Add them to your office cleaning checklist to attain better results during your cleaning phase.

Preview and Details of Template

Office cleaning checklist template

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How is cleaning checklist used?

If you are a cleaning services provider who wants your services to be availed, you can provide your clients with the cleaning checklist. The clients can specify the cleaning tasks that need to be done by checking the boxes of the tasks. In this way, you get to know what exactly your clients want you to do.

You can divide the checklist into various sections. Each section can specify the sweeping, wiping, dusting and lots of other things that are done when the cleaning job is performed. The tasks that are required to be done depend on how often you want the cleaning to be done. For example, the cleaning checklist will be different from the weekly or bi-weekly checklist.

Benefits of cleaning checklist template:

The main benefits a potential user can avail by making use of cleaning checklist are:

  1. It enables the user to perform all the tasks mentioned in the checklist step by step.
  2. With the help of cleaning checklist template, the user can never forget any important cleaning step.
  3. The checklist also has many sections which you can assign to different members of the team to quickly get the things done.  
  4. The cleaning checklist template also provides the feature of customization due to which the user can easily add and omit the details.
  5. The template has specifically been designed for performing the cleaning of commercial offices due to which the cleaner can do everything in a professional manner. It also saves the time of the user.