Petrol Claim Form

Often businesses state that they will pay employees for certain expenses that the employee incurs on behalf of the company. This includes things like traveling, petrol used when traveling for business purposes, hotel stays, etc.

What is a claim form?

A claim form is employed to make a proper formal request and demand that states something belongs to someone and is earned by someone. The form is used to claim some property, pending dues, health insurance, petrol used, etc. A petrol claim form shows how much petrol has been used for a certain purpose.

Petrol Claim Form

What to Include in a Claim Form?

If you need to create a claim form, you can consider the below details:

Microsoft Word– The petrol claim form can be made in Microsoft Word. Here calculations can be written in printed or soft form.

Heading– The heading of the claim form will be what it is concerned about. If it is for petrol, then the heading can be “Petrol Claim Form” for instance.

Details of the person concerned– Give the details of the person making the claim. This will include their name, address, phone number, etc.

Table– A table can be made that will have the details so that it is easier to understand. On the table have a heading for the date. This will include the date that traveling occurred for the company if it is a petrol claim form. The next heading will be Business Purpose. This will state why traveling occurred next to the date. After this, a heading for the mileage arrival and mileage departure will be given. It is important to know how much distance was covered. There will be a column for Trip Miles. At the bottom will be a row for Total Miles. A row stating how much petrol costs multiplied by the miles will be present. A row for the claim amount needs to be given as well.

Details need to be given clearly– It is important to provide the necessary details of the claim in the form. If it is a petrol claim form the details of how many miles traveled need to be given clearly. This is important because it allows the employer and the person who you are asking the claim form, to know the details.

Advantages of the Claim Form

The advantages of a claim form like a petrol claim form are:

  • Allows the person making a claim to state clearly and in detail why they should get paid.
  • Lets the person giving the money for the claim of the details involved and why they should pay the person.
  • Can be kept as a record by the company and employees that they were paid for what they deserved.

Claim forms are important documents that need to be made without any mistake. This is because a person needs to get paid for what they deserve. These forms give the details of the claim and how much needs to be given to the person concerned.

Petrol Claim Form Template

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