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A yearly physical exam is an end of the year medical exam which helps patients and doctors in knowing the overall health of the patient. Many people take this exam to satisfy themselves that they are as healthy as they feel, whereas other take it in more cautionary terms to document any disease, ailment or risk factor that may affect them.

A yearly physical examination form is used by doctors to document the vitals and notes after the yearly exam. This form usually contains prior medical history such as previous tests, ailments that the patient treated and the medication being used by the patient. Current medical conditions are also mentioned along with any medication that the patient is using. A separate section regarding the patient’s lifestyle is also mentioned in the form which asks the patient whether or not he/she smokes, takes drugs, consumes alcohol, the diet they take and whether or not do they exercise.

A vaccination section is also available that documents any recent or prior vaccines the patient has got. Updates in the family health history are also recorded in this yearly physical exam form. After every piece of information has been mentioned, the doctor can either run some tests or can advise the patient accordingly.

This form needs to cover every aspect of a patient’s medical history and present. The age, gender and last date of examination should also be mentioned since these small bits of information can aid in better diagnostics.

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