Work Experience Certificates

A work experience certificate, or work experience letter, is a document provided at the end of the employment period that serves as proof of an employee’s achievements, abilities, and skills. For the employee, it often acts like a visa to work for jobs requiring a certain level of experience. In the case of a student, a work experience certificate is provided at the end of work placement to ensure his capabilities as a worker.

This letter is issued by the employer or authorized person and is on the company letterhead. There may be nominal variations in the formats in different countries as well as different companies; however, the general format of the experience certificate includes details such as:

  • Date of issue
  • Details of the employee, including his designation or position
  • The main responsibilities in the job description
  • Evaluation of capabilities, skills, and performance
  • Tenure of employment with the company
  • Details of the authorized person
  • Details of the company

This document certifies that the employee has performed well over a period spent at the employer’s company. It is the right of employees to request an experience certificate from their employer. This certificate is useful for employees in various ways.

  • It helps an employee in further employment as it is proof that the employee has worked well for a length of time and the employer is verifying that valid experience.
  • If an employee wants to apply for higher studies for which work experience is a prerequisite, the certificate would serve as evidence.
  • At the time of application for a visa or immigration, the embassies of countries demand work experience certificates as well.
  • Sometimes, upon an employee’s request or as per company policy, the employer includes the details of the salary in the experience certificate as well. This might help the employee if he is unemployed and is seeking a loan, as this document can prove his ability to repay.

At the end of an employment period, it is always advisable to get a work experience certificate from the employer, even if the employee does not need it immediately, as it may prove useful later on.

Sample Experience Certificate Statements


It is to certify that Mr. XYZ was employed at ABC Company for a good period of four years from __/__/__ (starting date) to __/__/__ (end-date). Mr. XYZ joined our workforce as a junior but was promoted to the position of manager.

During his employment period, he proved himself to be an asset to the entire team, who can get the job done regardless of the hurdles and inconveniences. Here at ABC, we take great pride in the hard work of our employees; therefore, we have always acknowledged and appreciated his hard work in the field of _______. He possesses an amazing skillset for convincing people that cannot be acquired from any degree or institute. We thank him for his services and wish him good luck in his future endeavors.


It is to certify that Mr. ABC served as an assistant at XYZ company from __/__/__ (starting date) to __/__/__ (end date). He proved his dedication to work and enthusiasm by taking on difficult projects and providing the best results.

He was a valued employee and a dear colleague who has acquired remarkable achievements due to his hard work and continuous efforts to achieve goals. He always tried to outsmart his own work and never stopped the process of learning. It has been an interesting process to train him and give him wings to fly out and seek the future. I am sure that he will prove his worth wherever he is.


I am writing this to certify that Mr. _____ has worked at our organization for a time period of eight years from __/__/__ (starting date) to __/__/__ (end-date). He has always fulfilled his duties diligently and never left any room for complaint.

Due to his amicable and hardworking nature, he became a part of a variety of projects and gained enormous experience. He is someone who likes to learn different skills irrespective of his qualifications and experience; therefore, he has made associations in all departments and developed a wide range of skill sets that have proven to be beneficial. Some of his key skills include task management, teamwork, and the ability to listen and perform.

He has been an asset to our company, and now that he is seeking other opportunities, I am sure that he will prove his worth over time. He is well aware of how to take command and manage every project.

He can be easily trusted with complex tasks and will strive to provide the best results.


This letter is being drafted to certify that Mr. _______ has been a valued employee of the XYZ organization for a period of 5 years. He joined this organization as a trainee from __/__/__ (starting date) to __/__/__ (end date) and made his way to the position of manager.

He has always been an enthusiastic employee and does not hesitate to take on difficult projects. He carried out all the duties in a responsible manner. He has performed exceptionally well on many projects and secured promotion due to his hard work and commitment. He has managed to lure clients into doing business with our company, which generates loads of revenue for us each year.

As he seeks more opportunities, we wish him all the very best for his future and hope that organizations recognize and value his talent as we did.


This letter is to certify that Mr. ______ has been an important employee of the XYZ organization in the capacity of a manager. He served this company for seven years and managed to secure a good position for himself.

He joined this organization as a trainee, but his dedication and spirit helped him carve a great future for himself. He has the best combination of qualifications and experience because he has learned a lot from all his mentors, regardless of their specialized fields.

He has a hunger for acquiring all kinds of skills, which has greatly enhanced his skill set and also made him a hero among his peers. His ability to take on difficult projects and work his way to achieve designated goals has made him a favorite among clients, and his demand has increased manifold.

We wish him good luck in his future achievements and appreciate his good work at our organization.



Work Experience Certificate

To whom it may concern

This is to inform and certify that Mr. Steven John was working as a full-time worker with ‘The ShowCase Company’, California. He was working as an ‘HR manager’. As per the employee record, his tenure of employment with us was five years, from January 12, 20XX, to February 13, 20XX.

During his time with us, we found him a hardworking person with excellent communication, leadership, and management skills. He proved himself to be an exceptional worker throughout his job. His friendly and candid personality changed the atmosphere of our HR department and increased its productivity.

In addition to his job description, which mainly included management of all HR issues, he was always ready to take on other responsibilities as well. Over his employment period, he supervised and managed many projects. In addition, he had conducted many training seminars and personal sessions that were not part of his job description. On various occasions, he helped people from many different departments in the performance of their tasks.

He was a very responsible, dedicated, and dependable employee. We find great pleasure in providing this certificate to ascertain his capabilities and skills. We wish him the very best of luck!

If you need any documents related to his employment with us, feel free to contact us.


Joe Smith.

Work experience certificate template

Sample File: 2MB

Work experience certificate template

Sample File: 2MB

Work experience certificate template

Sample File: 2MB

Work experience certificate

Sample File: 2MB