Rent and Lease Document Templates

Lease and rent agreements are written legal documents, that bind two people in a legal relationship. These two people or parties are a landlord and a tenant. The main elements of the lease or rent agreements are:

  • Premises including the house, basement, apartment, commercial areas etc.
  • The landlord or the owner of the premise which is also known as lessor.
  • The tenant who will be given the premise on rent
  • The amount of rent which the tenant will be bound to pay
  • The terms and conditions on the basis of which the agreement will be signed. This section includes the duration of the agreement in which the tenant will be allowed to stay in the premise, the date on which the tenant will be bound to pay the rent etc.

The law identifies the special type of rules and regulations which are granted to both of the parties involved in the agreement and are in the formal relationship. The lease or rent agreements specify all the problems which both tenant and the landlord may face later.

The written document is important and it is more solid than the oral one. It captures all the details of the agreement. The conditions under which the agreement will be terminated will also be included in the agreement. The lease agreement is needed to be used when:

  1. You have a property and you want to rent out it to someone for a specific period of time
  2. You are a house owner and you want to rent out a room of your home to someone for a specific period of time
  3. You may also need the lease agreement when you want to rent out your motor vehicle.
  4. The agreement can also be used when you are going to share your room with your roommate. In such a situation, you will be crafting a roommate agreement.

If you need to craft a lease or rent agreement but you don’t know about the contents, you can use a readymade agreement template which is available on a number of websites on the internet. There are different types of lease and rent agreements depending on the property that you have to owe. The residential house lease agreement will have different contents while the lease agreement for the commercial property will have different contents.

There is no specific format of the lease agreement, however; the format you choose should be solid and easy to understand.  The motor vehicle lease agreement is also very important and is quite different from the land lease agreement.

You can take the help of a prosecutor if you want to have an efficient lease agreement to use. The template makes it very easy for you to prepare formal documents and sign an agreement with the tenant.

The templates include the rental form which is required to be filled out when you want to rent out anything. The template is very easy to use and easily customizable. You can modify the template according to your needs.

The terms and conditions are also mentioned in the template. If you want to add any other term, you can easily add it and then print the template. The main parts of the template are:

  1. The name of the lessee and the lessor
  2. The agreed upon amount of rent
  3. The rent payment schedule
  4. Penalties for late rent
  5. Property damage clause
  6. Information about the security deposits
  7. Condition for early termination

Preview & Details of Templates

Rental Form Template for MS Word

Rental Form

Size 32 Kb   |  Download

Residential Tenancy Agreement 

Size 40 Kb   |  Download

Roommate Agreement 

Size 43 Kb   |  Download