Event Ticket Templates

Event tickets are vouchers or chits which allow the admission of a person to a particular event. Tickets can be used for a wide variety of events, from parties and concerts to marathons and festivals.

Event tickets play an effective role in the success of the event. Besides ensuring the eligibility of people entering the venue, event tickets are also used to generate funds. It’s important to select the right place for selling the tickets, whether it is online, at book stores and restaurants or at the actual event. The process of buying them should be smooth and without complications, so people can buy them easily.

Examples of events that sell tickets are Concerts, Sports, Movies and Fashion shows, Churches, Exhibitions, Lectures, and Seminars, etc.

Why make an event ticket?

Event tickets set the scene for the proceedings of the events and give an opportunity to make an impression on the audience before the actual event takes place. An event ticketing system lets you know the actual number of participants and the arrangements can be made accordingly. You can control the number of attendees and properly plan your resources beforehand.

You can provide information about the event and the performers or speakers participating in the event; mention things like event’s opening time, performance schedule, the number of entrances and which entrance can be used on which ticket and other Terms and Conditions related to the event.

If event tickets are sold before the actual event, the cash flow can be generated in advance. The more expensive the event is for the organizer, the earlier the ticket selling should start to get more revenue locked in.

Benefits of using an Event Ticket

There can be many benefits depending on the ticketing system being used. It can serve so much more than just a piece of paper. Following are some of the benefits of issuing event tickets:

  • Allows knowing how many people are attending the event.
  • Gives an idea about future sales and leads for the next events.
  • While buying the tickets, users provide certain information about themselves. A data bank of names and numbers can be created which can be used for future events.
  • Crowd management and real-time alert management can be done.
  • If ticketing is properly done, refunds can be made easily for people with genuine reasons.
  • A well organized and managed event leaves a good impression on the attendees.
  • Mostly, events are sponsored, and the brands are mentioned on the ticket which also serves as their brand promoters.

Types of Event Tickets

Following are the types of Event Tickets:

General Admission

The most common type of event ticket used by almost all events is General Admission Ticket. These are usually the least expensive ones and are available for sale for the longest time.


VIP tickets are the premium tier of tickets. This is the second most important type of ticket for driving revenue. It attracts new attendees, provides a premium experience and generates a good amount of revenue because they are usually expensive.

Reserved Seat

Reserved Seat tickets give the attendees a choice to select the exact place they want to sit in. This opportunity allows them to sit closer to the speaker or performer of the event if they want to. People are often willing to pay more for this privileged experience. 

Passes and Giveaways

Both of these types are free of cost. Giveaways are offered as a prize for contest winners or in lucky draws.

Passes are for the chief guests and the organizing committee. They can be for a day or multiple days if the event is long. It lets people choose which sessions they want to attend and which they don’t.

Early Bird

These event tickets offer the largest discounts possible through a pre-sale period. It’s for the people who register really early, even before the announcement of the date and exact venue. Its availability is for a very limited amount of time.

Virtual Pass Tickets

With this ticket, the attendees can virtually attend the event by live-streaming or by watching a recorded session of the event.

Event Ticket Templates

There are a lot of ready-made templates available on various websites which can be designed and customized online in printable formats. Following are some of the examples of templates of various forms of event tickets.

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