Product Price List Template

What is the product price list?

A product price list is a document in which a list of different prices of different products is documented. All the products that your company sells are listed in the product price list along with its price.

Why we need a price list?

Different sellers use the price list to exhibit the prices of different items they sell. They usually hang the price list on the wall so that everyone can easily see it. These days, sellers are using a digital product price list. No matter you need to use a hard copy or a soft copy of the price list, it is always advisable that you use it in an appropriate way.

When we use a product price list, we give our customers a very clear picture of the products our business sells and the price it charges for all those products. A product price list is a simple product catalog that includes additional information about the price to give a quick overview of whatever a business sell.

What are the steps involved in creating a price list for your products?

If you follow the series of steps given below, you will be able to create a perfect price list.

Add different components to the price list:

It is very important to add all the necessary components to do the price list that it is supposed to include. Some major components of the price list are:

  • The serial number for all the items
  • List of all the items being sold
  • Description of the products
  • Pictures of products
  • Prices of products

It completely depends on you that you want to show the prices of products inclusive of taxes or not.

Use a linear structure:

Try to make sure that you have a linear structure in your product price list. it is easy to see the prices of different products when they are given linearly. Since you want to increase the readability of the price list, it is recommended that you add products and their and names on one side of the list and their pictures and visual representations on the other side. This increases the product’s appeal.

Add order form:

A businessman’s mind is always full of creative ideas that help him boost his sales. One of the most useful ideas is to attach the order form with the price list. If there is a decline in the price of a certain product and you are expecting that customers will jump at it to grab it, you must attach an order form with a price list. This will allow customers to place an order immediately.

Use the product price list template:

A template for the product price list is specifically created for helping people in designing their price list. The complete know the exact format of the price list and therefore, sellers get the best and professional looking price list in no time.

Promote your products with the help of a price list:

The price list allows the user to promote his products. For example, when the seller writes ‘’best seller’’, ‘’new’’ or ‘’restocked’’ with the product, it conveys a message to the customer that the product is a special one and it is worth the price. We recommend you take some time and find out which of your product is the bestselling product. Then, give that product a high priority while mentioning it in the price list.

Mention the discount:

If there are some products in your inventory that are on sale, you should mention them in the price list. It is important to mention that what percentage of deduction in the price will be provided to the customer.


The use of a price list is beneficial in a number of ways. Sellers these days never forget to use the price list. In the same way, customers also feel convenient when they find a price list to check prices. The price list is also important to use to show authorities that you are selling at the right price. For all these purposes, you can download the price list template. This template will save you from the hassle of creating the new one from scratch.

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