MS Excel Work Order Invoice

Work Order Invoice

A work order invoice is also known as a job ticket, job order, service ticket or work ticket is a document that is received by a company from any external customer or from some other department of the same company, mentioning the detail of the work to be done or products to be procured or manufactured.

This work order invoice is generally customized so that more relevant details can be included in it. This work ticket invoice is used as a work order invoice when a company deals with external customers.

There are a number of formats available on the internet for preparation of this invoice and generally, an invoice template in excel file having two separate worksheets as work order forms are more suitable. If you want this invoice template for free you need to search the internet for an invoice template that is simple, easy to use, professional and customize according to certain requirements.

Usually, it is very common to use these work order invoices for internal use only and for billing purposes a different form is used. But this is also in practice that a work order can also be used as work order invoice to directly invoicing the customers. In a maintenance or service company, a work order is generally generated internally based on a phone call or in response to a form submission online. And once the work is completed according to the details mentioned in this work order, the same work order is sent to the customer for payment as an invoice.

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MS Excel Work Order Invoice Template



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