Letter to Teacher to Report Social Media Bullying

What is a report letter of bullying?

A letter to the teacher to report social media bullying is a complaint letter written by a student or a representative of a student body and is addressed to the teacher, who has the authority to handle the bullying that is being carried out. In this letter, the student informs the teacher about social media bullying and the students, who are involved in it, and requests the teacher to take the required measures to stop it. This letter holds significance, as it may lead to serious consequences for the bullies.

Bullying is a prevalent practice in educational institutions, which has extended to social media as well. As unpleasant as it is, bullies still get involved in it to make the other students feel inferior or insecure. The effects of bullying can be huge, and social media bullying is even more detrimental, as many people can read the bullying comments or posts, and the person, who is being bullied, will feel a lot of embarrassment.

What to include in this report letter?

Some students get scared, and keep quiet, while others report it to the authorities, like teachers, principal, etc., who has the power to stop and punish the bullies. To report a case to a teacher, a letter to the teacher to report social media bullying is written. The content and length of this letter may vary, depending on the:

  • The case of bullying,
  • The severity and frequency of bullying
  • The policies of the institution,
  • The teacher’s authority,
  • Requested action, etc.

However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Details of the teacher.
  • Details of the student writing the letter.
  • Details of the students involved in bullying.
  • Report the issue of bullying over the social media, including all the details.
  • Effects on the student.
  • Reference to the policies of the institution.
  • Request for an action.

When the case is reported through this letter, the teacher can decide about the needed actions and punishments, such as detention, blocking from the institution’s official social media pages, etc. In addition, this letter is kept in the student file, especially, in the file of the bully, and can be used for any reference or as evidence in the future as well. As it is a complaint letter, the evaluation and assessments of the bully may get affected as well.

Sample Letter

Erica Dane
Teacher at ABC School

Dated: 28th February 20XX

Subject: Reporting social media bullies

Respected Teacher,

I am writing this letter to bring a very important issue to your attention which requires strict and immediate action. I am a student of your psychology class along with 20 other students. Some students consider it a privilege to mock others or bully them in the name of fun, but this situation has seriously gotten out of hand as these students are using the power of social media for bullying. They make a group on social media where almost all students at school are added and bully other introvert students by taking their names and sharing their pictures.

As a result, every person in the school laughs at them and makes gestures. A serious event of this bullying has already occurred where a student had to change their school due to constant bullying. This is not good for the mental well-being of students and they can succumb to this nonsense anytime.

Kindly take strict actions against these students and involve their parents. I hope you will consider my request.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Patricia Dempsey

Grade 8

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