Itemized Receipt

The itemized receipt is a very generalized and broad term used to describe a standard for purchase invoice.  It can be used by almost any seller. Restaurants, department stores, stationery stores, etc.  are a few examples.

This can be used in a business to business sales and purchase scenario as well as business to customer scenario. Detailed inventory purchase can be done using this receipt. But most commonly it is used in departmental stores and retail shops. The reason it is known as the itemized receipt is that it displays information of your purchase as per each item.

What is an itemized receipt?

An itemized receipt is a document that includes an itemized list of all the items purchased by the buyer. The purpose of using this receipt is to mention the price of each item or service purchased so that total cost can be known. This itemized receipt is issued to the buyer in order to request him to pay the amount mentioned in the receipt. One should always use an itemized list of services provided in order to detail everything comprehensively.

The information that is mandatory for itemized receipt is as follows;

  • Business name
  • Date of purchase
  • Items purchased
  • Code of each item purchased
  • Price of each item purchased
  • The total amount of the bill
  • Discount
  • Method of payment

What should an itemized list include?

Every business has its own needs and so the receipt issued to the customer. There are various details in the receipt that may vary from business to business. However, there are some details which are common to every itemized list such as the name of the purchaser and the service provider, type of service provided, date of receipt issuance and the cost of each individual item. 

It is always recommended to mention the itemized list in the receipt in order to let your clients know what and how much they have paid for each service availed. This will also enable the client to know who the amount they have paid was totaled. As a result, many unpleasant situations are avoided. It also saves the customer from having to contact you again and again in order to know how you have calculated the bill. 

Receipt Templates

If you have lost the itemized receipt then you can always go back to the vendor or merchant and ask for a duplicate. Mostly these are printed and have the vendor barcode at the bottom of the receipt.

If you want a reimbursement for an officially entitled purchase or lunch, then this receipt is very important. Different templates are available in different formats. Selecting a template for your business depends on how elaborate information your business requires listing.

The itemized receipt template not only makes it easier for you to keep a record of the purchase but also makes the whole process very easy and manageable. Just choose the right template to adjust a few fields and organize your business process.

Preview and details of the template

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What is itemized receipt template?

The itemized list template is a tool which is present on this website for free download. This template is highly customizable. By using the itemized receipt template, the user can easily generate the receipt. Once the receipt is generated, it is ready to be downloaded.

The user can use the receipt for as many customers as he wants. The template provides an easy to handle Excel file in which calculations are automatically performed when the user inputs the price of each item in it. 

This template does not require any previous knowledge or expertise for using it. It saves the company from having to hire an individual who can generate the itemized receipt for the clients.