Excuse Letter from Work due to Sickness


Re. Excuse from Work due to Ribs Infection

Dear Williams,

I am Susan Bets, the Assistant Finance Manager in your company. I am composing this to notify you about my absence from 23rd November 20XX to 27th November 20XX. My absence is caused by the ribs infection I got one year ago. I have been doing proper medication and have been regularly watching it out. In the recent past, the infection has got its severity and it is causing great pain in my ribs. Due to the ailment in the ribs, it has become difficult for me to work for longer hours and sitting for a certain period.

The pain has not only created an infirmity in the ribs but it has also started hitting my back too. My rib cage has been affected which has ultimately affected the backbone. Now, I am in a state where my back and ribs pain even when I breathe.

The doctor has prescribed me a few tests for examination and has also asked me to stay at home so that I may abstain from inhaling noxious air outside. Due to the backache, the doctor has suggested taking plenty of rest because my backache has been caused both by the ribs cage pain and sitting for longer hours. Therefore, I need to stay home for one week at least.

In the wake of the above-mentioned reasons, please excuse my absence from the work for five days i.e., from 23-11-20XX to 27-11-20XX. I have enclosed the medical certificate by Dr. Arturo Chips.

I shall keep my little interaction with Mrs. Nix, the Junior Finance Head. She will take care of my responsibilities during this course of time and will take charge and administer accordingly. I can be contacted at [email] or +[X] for further. I shall be grateful to you.

Thank you


Susan Bets
The Assistant Finance Manager,
IT Developers of US
California, USA

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Re. Excuse from Work due to High Fever

Dear James,

I am penning this letter to you to excuse my absence from work due to a high fever. As it has been said in the subject, I cannot work for two days because of my sickness.

Since last week, I have been having a bad throat which has caused me to get a high fever. The fever has broken my body with pain. The fever has further been worsened by diarrhea I caught due to overdosing on the antibiotics. I am feeling dozing and too weak to work. Therefore, I am unable to appear at work.

I understand that it is one of the most important periods of the year for the company but I am helpless. The doctor has prescribed me a list of examination and analyses and suggested me to rest at home. Therefore, I need to stay at home for at least three days to be at rest. Kindly excuse my absence from work from 23-12-20XX to 25-12-20XX.

To avoid any other inconvenience, I have sent an email to Ms. Rosy who is the Executive Idea Director in the company. She has a good experience of working in the General Finance Section, that is why I understand she can take good care of my responsibilities and can take the charge of my work during my off days. I shall be beholden to you for your understanding and response. During my leave, I can be contacted at +[X] or via sending an email to [email].

Thank you


Jacob Robes,
The General Finance Assistant
Five Stars I Tech Groups
23-A 95th Avenue, Second Underpass,
California, USA

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