Employee Leave Planner

What is employee leave planner?

An employee leave planner is a simple spreadsheet that allows the user to track, manage, record and report on employee’s leave, half day or absence from working hours across the whole calendar year. This planner can be used to record and monitor the leaves for a financial year, starting from any month. This can also keep records for other specified periods of times depending upon the requirements of the company.

Users and uses of this planner template

The management of an organization can use this employee leave planner template to record and track the vacations, sick leaves, casual leaves and even half days. Furthermore, because of this tracking, it becomes easier for the management to plan any project or manage the leaves.

The template can prove to be helpful as it assesses the availability of employees during the said month. For the manager of a project, it is vital to know the present and future availability of his team. A basic or typical planner allows the user to plan quickly and effectively and track that who has taken time off, how much of their allotted leaves have been used and how much of their leave are still pending. Templates can be edited, printed and even modified according to the use or need of the organization. It can also be referred as staff leave planner.


The best and typical way to make this template is to keep it simple. Start with mentioning the month and year to which the sheet of planner belongs. Both of the details should be written at the top of the sheet. The main body should be drafted in a column or table format. The first column should have the names or IDs of all the employees. The number of allotted leaves to each of the employee should follow in the second column. Third and fourth of the columns should be allotted to leaves utilized and leaves remaining respectively. A column should be dedicated to mentioning the timings, this can be used in half day leaves or organizations where hourly wages are calculated. The other part of the table should provide a cell for each day of the month.


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Employee Leave Planner Template


Employee Leave Planner Template

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