Cast and Crew Call Sheet Template

Media industry is considered as one of the largest industry because it includes hundreds of people at various capacity to bring a project to life and showcase it before millions. Short sitcoms and movies also require thorough planning and execution with right gadgets to being life to any project therefore, organization and management play a key role.

Cast and crew call sheet is a document that enlists all the members from cast and crew of a project who will be present on a particular shoot day. These sheets help directors and production houses to be aware of all the members and the scenes that they need to shoot. It also allows cast and crew about their working days and how they should be prepared for it. This tool helps in coordination between the management and crew members.

Managing hundreds of crew and cast members on the sets of television or film production can be tiresome therefore production houses employ all sorts of tools to manage their team efficiently. When shooting of a movie or drama commences, all members are divided among various departments and a head is appointed who manages his team. Some departments are required for particular scenes while other departments i.e. make up crew, fashion and design, probes crew are required for every scene.

Key elements/parts of the sheet

Major elements of a cast and crew call sheet depend on the type of film being shot. Generally, a call sheet includes,

  • Date & time: a particular date and time for the shoot is allocated and names of all members that should be present on that shoot are also mentioned.
  • Location: location of the shoot is described in detail to avoid inconvenience to any crew or cast members.
  • Scenes: scenes of the film that would be shot on the particular date and time are expressed in detail which prepares cast members to get ready and wear related make up and jewelry.
  • Director: all assistant directors, directors, makeup artists or stunt directors are also mentioned on call sheet.
  • Emergency contact: all sorts of emergency contact, contact info of employees, name and contacts of department heads are included in call sheets to resolve issues that may arise during long days of shoots.
  • Miscellaneous: detailed summary of transportation, probes being used, extra help from particular departments and other formalities are also described in detail.

Importance of the sheet

Cast and crew call sheet helps production houses in the following manner,

  • It helps members to be ready about their shoot beforehand and get ready accordingly.
  • It acts as a coordination tool between the cast and directors.
  • In case of discrepancies, issues can e resolved before shoot and work can run smoothly on the required date.
  • A daily schedule of all cast and crew members is devised early on and work progresses according to schedule.
  • It aware all members to anticipate the workflow and their working hours because some days and tough while others can be easy.

A cast and crew call sheet is an important tool for managing all members and getting the work done in a good environment. These tools helps in organization, work dissemination, management, scheduling and all other important tasks which can be gruesome to do otherwise.

Cast and Crew Call Sheet template

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