Business Fax Cover Sheets

Business fax cover sheet also referred to as information sheet, is a document that is sent by the sender, along with the main fax document, to the recipient. It contains additional information that may be useful for the recipient and which may not be added in the main document due to various reasons.

The business fax cover sheets are, usually, sent before the main fax document. These sheets are not a compulsory part of the fax communication channel, but they are often used to introduce and facilitate both the sender and the recipient. At the same time, if the number of faxes sent by an organization is large in number, the importance of fax cover sheets rises, as they ensure the communication of right information to the right recipient.

One of the common uses of business fax cover sheets is in marketing and advertising. This sheet is sent to the client to promote the company and woo the client toward the company’s products or services. This information sheet sets the ground and the following main fax document further tries to make the potential client an actual one.

Some organizations use templates to prepare their business fax cover sheets while others prepare them on their own. For the first option, many downloadable and customizable templates are easily available online as well as in programs, such as Microsoft Word, that can easily be edited as per the need.

In addition to the choice of the template, the information that is to be put on the sheet needs to be selected. When a business fax cover sheet is being prepared, different details are included as required by the relevant parties. However, generally, the information contains:

  • Name and other details, such as fax numbers of the recipient.
  • Name and other details, such as contact or inquiry contact numbers, of the sender.
  • Date of the fax sending.
  • A number of pages of the document.

An organization can use any design, template or provide any details, however, there are few things that need to be kept in mind while preparing a business fax cover sheet, such as:

  • The sheet should be professional and formal.
  • It should not be cluttered with information.
  • The details provided should match with the main fax document.
  • The clarity and correctness of information hold immense significance.
  • It should serve its purpose. For example, if it is being used for marketing, it should have the information and the layout that promotes the intended business.

Some of the information provided in the fax cover sheet is very important. For instance, it mentions the number of pages of the main document. The recipient can tally this figure with the number of pages of the main fax document. And if for some reason, such as a technical error, all the pages of the main fax document have not been received by the recipient, he would be aware of the issue and may contact the sender.

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