Authentication Letter Format with Sample

In this age and time, it has become very common to receive a product that is fake or unreal. People perpetrate scams in many ways when it comes to selling bogus products to people. While purchasing valuable items, this becomes a bigger issue because the person who gets targeted suffers a huge financial loss.

For example, if a person purchases gold which is valuable and he receives artificial gold, it will be a huge financial loss. Similarly, when certain edible things also need to be checked before they are consumed. People usually buy edible things from a specific brand because they trust that brand. When someone claims to have brought those products from that brand, they will have to provide an authentication letter.

What is an authentication letter?

This is a letter that accompanies the product that requires authentication. In this letter, the sender claims that the product he is sending is authentic and original and the receiver can trust him.

Importance of authentication letter:

All the firms and industries need to write the authentication letter whenever they feel the need to authenticate the product they sell. If a product is of low value, an authentication letter is not required. However, if someone sells precious items such as gold or diamond, the authentication letter must be written. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies should also write these letters when they sell medicines and want to claim that the medicine, they have sold out is original.

The authentication letter is what makes the recipient believe that his money is going in the right hands. The recipient has to trust the words of the sender. However, if the recipient gets the product authenticated again at his end and it turns out to be fake, he has a right to take legal actions against the person sending the authentication letter. Therefore, a person writing this verification letter should be careful as to what he is authenticating. He should also corroborate that he is investing his time in confirming the originality of the products which are worth it.

Tips for writing a letter of authentication:

If you want to write this letter on your own, you should follow proper guidelines so that you don’t miss out on any important details. Your objective behind writing this letter should be to make sure that the reader gets convinced by the authentication you have provided. If this does not happen, the recipient will return the product to you. Therefore, a letter written effectively is important. A few tips to help you in this regard are given below:

  1. Start the letter by telling the recipient about your purpose of writing. You should make it clear to the recipient that you are writing to him so that you can tell him that the products he is receiving are original. Although the subject of the letter says it all, you must start your letter like this. 
  2. Try to provide evidence with a letter that can support your claim. If you don’t provide evidence, you will not be able to convince the reader about what you are saying.
  3. Provide the name of the body or authority from where you have got the product checked.

Sample letter

Name of the recipient:

Recipient’s company name

Address of the recipient


Subject: authentication letter for [X]

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am writing this letter to certify that the items accompanying this letter are genuine and have been formed with the help of pure ingredients. I assure you that these products have been tested by FDA and FDA has also issued a certificate to these products according to which, they are 100% safe to use. I am attaching a copy of that certificate with this letter.

I contacted FDA for checking the authenticity of these products so that it could be ensured that original products have been sent by the manufacturer. FDA has issued this certificate in my presence and I can also attest to the originality of the certificate.

In case you have any queries, you can contact me on my phone number or via email.


Name of the sender
Sender’s designation in the company
Sender’s signatures

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