Attestation Letter Format with Example

What is a letter of attestation?

A letter of attestation is written by someone when there is a need to confirm something. People write attestation letters when they want to attest to a person’s character, professional aptitude, behavior, credentials achieved, and much is important to remember while writing the attestation letter that whatever you attest in this letter is believed to be true from your side and that you cannot deny having said anything.

When to write the attestation letter?

In many situations, a letter of attestation is given so much importance. For example, when a candidate applies for a job, he has to provide a letter of attestation in which he claims that he has no criminal record and he is a good person by behavior. This letter also possesses legal importance. If something that you have attested turns out to be untrue, legal actions can be taken against you for perpetuating the scam.

An attestation letter is not always written by a person for himself. At times, people write attestation letters for other people too. However, writing this letter requires having a lot of trust and a good relationship.

When someone completes a training course, they need to attest that they have learned the needed skills for which they took that training course. In other words, it is a kind of self-certification.

How to write an attestation letter?

Writing an attestation letter becomes a critical issue especially when you are writing it in a sensitive situation. Therefore, you should be careful while writing this letter. You must know the format of the letter and the details to be added so that you can properly draft this letter. Here are a few tips to write an attestation letter:

  1. Start the letter with the statement that you want to attest. This statement should be clear and all the facts should be provided in it. No matter you are writing it for yourself or someone else, it is important to remember that you cannot attest to something untrue or based on false facts. Therefore, it is recommended that you write the attestation letter carefully.
  2. Ask the recipient to contact you if he has any queries regarding the attestation you are writing.
  3. At the letter with your signatures.

Things to remember:

It has been mentioned earlier that attestation letters have legal importance also. While you write this letter, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Someone can challenge your attestation statement in court. This can create lots of problems for you. Therefore, when being truthful is essential for you.
  2. The language you use in the letter should be clear and easy to understand. There should not be any ambiguity in the letter.
  3. Figure out for what purpose you are writing this letter and then draft it. Make sure that you provide only those details which are necessary for the recipient. Giving too many details can put you in trouble. Therefore, restrict yourself to only necessary details.
  4. If you think that there is a need to provide evidence also that the recipient might ask you to provide later, you should provide it ahead of time. You can attach those pieces of evidence with the letter and let the reader know about the attached documents.

Sample letter of attestation:

Name of the recipient:

Company name:

Address of the company:


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to attest that Mr. Johnson has acquired the necessary skills and experience and now he is in the position to lead the construction company as a director. Mr. Johnson has worked for a year in my construction company under my supervision. I have found him to be a very hardworking and passionate person and his skills are also exceptional.

I am very pleased to work with him since he has completed many projects with me successfully. I am providing some necessary and relevant documentation as proof with this letter. In case you want to get any additional information regarding Mr. Johnson and his work with me, feel free to contact me.


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Sample attestation Letter template

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