Employee Attendance Record Sheet

Professional Employee Attendance Records

For an organization, it is extremely vital that their employees are regular and punctual at their work since it maintains the work environment of the organization and also maintains the decorum of the Institute as well. Employees are given leaves and off days according to the rules and regulations of the organization, but making sure that the employees aren’t taking any extra days off, is also important.

To make sure that the employees are on time, a tracker should be made in use. This tracker will note down the attendance of every employee in the organization and would directly report to the supervisors and managers.

The tracker should be such that every employee upon entering the office should mark their attendance, either by signatures or by an electronic system. At the end of the day, there should be a report to tell how many employees were present and how many of them were absent. Then there should be a report of how many employees that were absent was on a notified leave and how many of them took a day off without reporting.


This would help the organization in taking measures accordingly. The tracker could also keep track of all the employees that came in late. This could be by adding a time column to the tracker or if done electronically, there should be a time limit as to after this time; the employee will be marked as a late comer. It is vital that the tracker is maintained on a regular basis.

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Employee Attendance Record Sheet


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