Cast and Crew Call Sheet Template

Call Sheet

A call sheet is a special purpose that is used in the media and filmmaking industry. It consists of a chart that is issued to the cast and crew of the movie, drama or theatrical production. It lists the production schedule and how things will be programmed in the future time period. The call sheet is not merely a schedule of events and tasks but it also contains information regarding the contact numbers and addresses of various cast and crew members. In most situations, the call sheets are issued at the start of a working week.

They may contain information only about a very short time period because of uncertainty and changing conditions of the industry. If they are planned for longer time periods, complications can be expected. Whenever these sheets are formed, the developer considers that every member is available unless informed otherwise.


The call sheet template is a production aid for this document. It can be downloaded from the internet and used according to the needs of the user. Technically the information that is written on a call sheet is unable to be interpreted by regular people. You cannot comprehend what is written in a single glance. Only the people who are very familiar with the media and the film industry can understand the information written on a call sheet. This is one of the most important documents that are used in the production houses and in movie making business worldwide.

Cast and Crew Call Sheet Template