Holiday Announcement Email to Customers

Holiday buzz is all around. Everyone is busy with shopping and booking their favorite

Office Closed for Holidays Email Template

As the holiday season has come and everyone is planning the holidays in one’s

Warning Letter for Fight with Coworker

When the behavior of an employee is not acceptable in the organization, the employer

Warning Letter for Stealing Office Item

All the employees hired by the manager work for the good of the business.

Holiday Closing Announcement Letters

The holiday closing announcement letter is written when the company wants to inform everyone

Tips to Write a Professional Resignation Letter

Saying goodbye to anyone is one of the hardest parts of life that everyone

Warning Letter for Putting Wrong Attendance

Maintaining the accurate record of the employees’ attendance is very important. There is a

Termination Letter for Fighting at Workplace

The termination letter is written when the behavior of an employee becomes unacceptable for

Warning Letter for Misusing Office Equipment

When employees start using office equipment for personal purpose, series of problems arise. The

Warning Letter for Visiting Adult Websites at Work

Providing the complete and quick access to the internet in every company is very

Warning Letter for Safety Violation

If an employee in your company who has been given the task to ensure

Warning Letter for Poor Performance

A warning letter is the main part of the disciplinary actions to be taken if

Warning Letter for Indiscipline Behavior

The indiscipline behavior is very common in almost every organization. The warning letter for

Employment Termination Letter within Probation Period

The probation period in any company is a temporary period or status which is

Notice to Late Coming Employees

Every organization expects the punctuality of its employees in the company. The careless behavior

Disciplinary Action Letter for Fighting at Work

The employee warning letter is used when you have to make a hard decision

Circular for Late Coming Employees

Late coming of every employee in a company is discouraged. The late coming indicates

Record Check Request Form

Certified Records Sometimes, checking the record of any individual becomes crucial for you. For

Dog Tag Templates

Nature has gifted us in numerous ways and one of those ways are animals.

Newsletter Templates

The world is changing and with this changing world, everything is changing. Even the

Appointment Letters

What is an appointment letter? An appointment letter is also known as “job offer

Employee Payroll Action Form

A company can face the disputes and conflicts with the employees if they are

Leave Application for Few Days Off

What is leave application letter? A leave application letter is a letter/application that is

Christmas Wish Cards

Importance of wishing for Christmas: Christmas is one of the jolliest events of the

Employee Recognition Letters

What is employee recognition letter? Employee recognition is a common practice in any organization.

Warranty Claim Letter

The technology advancement is proving great ease to humans now. All facilities are simply

Employee Physical Examination Form

What is physical examination form? The physical examination of the employee is conducted in

Employee Clearance Form

An employee is not the permanent part of the company. There can be different

Parent Feedback Forms

The use of parent’s feedback is important when you want to establish a strong

Employment Termination Letters

Termination letters An employer must think of hiring instead of firing but in business