Reprimand Letters Guide with Template

What is a reprimand letter?

When the warning is giving in a documented form it is called letter of reprimand, warning letter or admonition letter. It is a formal letter of disapproval to the employee’s performance and actions to invoke the productive and positive work environment.

Letter of reprimand is part of a disciplinary action in an organization. It is a formal step to inform the employee and highlight those areas where the performance lacks and improvement is required followed by the consequences if there is not any improvement in the performance. And if the employee fails to meet that demanded criteria it may lead to termination of the employee.

Counseling, verbal warnings or formal verbal warnings to the employee by the higher authorities or supervisor is performed before issuing a reprimand letter. For example if the employee violets certain rules of the organization then after the verbal warnings the organization will observe the proceeding action of the employee and if there is not any improvement then the formal letter will be issued.

Who can write a reprimand letter?

  1. Supervisor
  2. Higher authorities in an organization.
  3. Department head.
  4. Dean


  1. Reprimand letter must help both the employee performance and the company’s strength.
  2. Issuing a reprimand letter allows the employee to improve their shortcomings.
  3. Emphasize the seriousness of a situation.

The format of the letter:

The reprimand letter follows the following format

The address:

  1. On the left side mention to whom it is written.
  2. Identify the subject.
  3. Mention the date.
  4. Open up with the business greeting.

The body:

Identify the problem and clearly mention them with the performance and conduct of the employee. Mention the consequences if they did not make any improvement.


Close the letter by writing “regretfully” followed by name and signature.

Reprimand Letter Sample

RE: Admonition for misconduct

Dear Mr. /Miss [NAME HERE],

This formal reprimand letter is written to inform you that it has come to our attention that you have been seen violating the employee code of conduct many times. This act was witnessed by many people in the [OFFICE/COMPANY] and caught on the cameras of the building.

You put yourself in a danger after committing the same act this time. The [AUTHORITY] has given you many verbal warnings but you left us with no other option but to give you a strict notice of your behavior. If you commit the same act next time you will be terminated from the [POSITION].

You have a right to discuss this in a meeting if you feel that facts are considerably different than what is stated above.

Please take this advice seriously as our priority is to see our employee’s succeeding. A copy of this reprimand will be placed in your official personnel file.


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Reprimand letter sample

Reprimand Letter Template

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