Employee Duty Timecard

Every company focuses on the organization of everything done. There is always a need to keep the data organized and then using it later on. It is also essential for an organization to keep track of all the data. Sometimes, there are lots of employees working in the organization. It is the basic requirement of every company to keep track of every employee regardless of the number of employees working in the organization. However, keeping track of each employee becomes difficult when the number of employees increases

What is an employee’s timecard?

Employee timecard is a document that is used by employers in order to keep track of the total number of hours worked by the employee and lots of other details. This document is essential to be used by employers when they have to pay their employees based on the number of hours they spend working.

What is the purpose of using a timecard?

An employee timecard is used by the employers to determine how many hours an employee spends working. If the employee works overtime, it is also recorded by the employee timecard and then the report is sent to the employer. The basic purpose of using this timecard is to ensure that every employee is paid according to the work he performs.

An employee timecard is generally prepared in Microsoft Excel file format. This sheet is used to make the organization work smoothly. With the use of this sheet, the organization can have many benefits.

What are the benefits of a timecard?

  • It helps in smooth tracking

Employers often want to keep track of the number of hours an employee works for the company. With the help of this timecard sheet, the employer can determine the total number of hours worked by the employee, the total number of hours spent by the employee at work, the time spent by the employee working on a specific task.

  • It saves time

Using a timecard is very convenient since it saves the time of the user. It is a very fast way to get the job done. Instead of using the ordinary timesheet, you can choose to use the employee timecard that is more efficient and works in a better way as compared to any other tool.

  • It makes the payslip generation easier

The employees are paid based on the number of hours they spend working. Therefore, when the employers have to generate the payslip, they prefer seeing the timecard of each employee to see how much each employee has worked. If the employee works extra hours, he is paid accordingly.

Timecard template

The template is for all those people who want to track the number of hours worked by the employee without any hassle. This template is a great tool to be used by people who want to save their time by avoiding creating the timecard from scratch and use the readymade timecard template.

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